Review: ICW John Hartson Foundation Show


ICW headed to the Glasgow City Hotel on Friday January 22nd 2016 for a special charity show in support of the John Hartson Foundation. So with time on my hands, I went back and reviewed the show!

Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo, Mark Coffey & DCT) w/Coach Trip def. The New Age Kliq (Stevie Boy, BT Gunn & Wolfgang) by Pinfall

Kicking off the show was a six man tag team match between Polo Promotions and The New Age Kliq which, according to Simon Cassidy on commentary, was the first time Polo Promotions had teamed as a single unit. The NAK members used that to their advantage and kept the match in their corner, with BT Gunn dropkicking DCT through the ropes and to the floor. Back in the ring, Polo Promotions took control and Jackie Polo introduced Stevie Boy to Scoop Slam City before DCT was tagged back in to deliver some scoop slams of his own. The International Sex Hero planted Stevie with his Impaler DTD finish and went for the pin while Wolfgang climbed to the top rope. As The Regulator dove off looking for The Howling, DCT moved and Wolfgang landed on his own partner. Mark Coffey disposed of Wolfgang while DCT pinned Stevie Boy to pick up the win for Polo Promotions. As The New Age Kliq walked to the back, Wolfgang and Stevie Boy argued over the miscommunication.

ICW Zero-G Championship
Davey Boy (c) w/The Wee Man def. Lionheart by Pinfall

The second match saw Davey Boy with The Wee Man standing in his corner defending his Zero-G Championship against Lionheart. Davey and Lionheart wasted no time in getting things started with The One Man Elite laying The Buckfast Barbarian out in the corner with his Predator Punt bicycle kick after a blatant low blow. Davey took control after taking Lionheart off his feet with a TKO, but Lionheart regained the advantage after Davey missed a huge splash off the top rope. With Davey kicking out of the Did Ye Aye? superkick and the Rock Bottom, Lionheart headed down to ringside and retrieved the Zero-G Championship belt. Before he could use it however, The Wee Man entered the ring and grabbed the belt to use himself as he clobbered Lionheart across the jaw allowing Davey to run straight through Lionheart with the Sparrowhawk spear to retain his title.

Kenny Williams def. Mikey Whiplash by Pinfall

A clash of styles up next as the high-flying Kenny Williams took on the diabolical Mikey Whiplash. Mikey was in no mood to mess about (is he ever in that mood?) and quickly put his chain wrestling skills to good use. Kenny used his acrobatic abilities to fight back as he used the ropes to perform a springboard back elbow and a springboard forearm smash. As he went back to the ropes looking for a Clothesline From Hill Valley, Whiplash hooked his arm and dropped him with a lariat before planting him with a Zombie Maker death valley driver but he didn’t get all of it as The Bollocks somehow kicked out at 2. Kenny came back into it and planted The Necromancer with his trademark Quiff Buster tilt-a-whirl DDT for the surprise victory.

Chris Renfrew def. Joe Coffey by Pinfall

The next bout saw the 2015 Square Go! contract holder Chris Renfrew going against Joe Coffey. Renfrew wasted his time before getting things started, but soon introduced a steel chair. Before he could use it however, Coffey countered the attack and brought a football out from under the ring. Joe lined the ball up perfectly to kick in to Chris’ rear end… and missed. Back inside the ring. Coffey remained in control as he performed two Hulk Buster’s in the corner and The Fall From Nebula twisting crossbody for a two count. The Iron Man continued with his trademark Giant Swing before Renfrew came back into it. The two traded blows with Coffey trying for his signature Discus Lariat and Renfrew looking for a Stone Cold Stoner. Eventually, Renfrew raked the eyes of Coffey and dropped him with a Stoner for the win. Coffey chased Renfrew to the back following the match as we got into our main event of the evening.

Red Lightning vs Grado ended in a No Contest

In the main event, ICW Majority Owner Red Lightning squared off against ICW World Heavyweight Champion Grado. After Lightning entered, he took time to berate the crowd including Grado’s own mother. The Chubby Wee Chancer soon entered and the match got started with Red attacking Grado as he was being helped in to the ring by referee Sean McLaughlin. It wasn’t long before Lightning was poked in the eye and Grado got the music to play over the PA system as he started doing The Slosh, imitating Red who was staggering about. Jack Jester entered with his dildo and started beating down on Grado. Red held Grado against the ropes as Jester looked set to put the dildo up Grado’s behind. What is wrestling? Before he could however, Mark Dallas entered alongside Chris Toal, with Toal announcing that since Red had Jester, he was there to introduce Grado’s tag team partner; “The Beast of Belfast” Big Damo!

Grado & Big Damo def. The Black Label (Red Lightning & Jack Jester) by Pinfall

So, moving on from whatever that little segment was we had ourselves a tag team match. The Black Label isolated Grado in their corner, with Damo repeatedly entering the ring only to inadvertantly distract the referee. All hell broke loose with the two teams brawling around the Glasgow City Hotel before finally returning to the ring. Damo slammed Jester down on top of Red, before flattening both of them with his 23-stone Belfast Bomb senton. Grado ascended to the top rope and dove off with a big splash to Red to pick up the win for himself and Big Damo as the show came to a close.

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Quick Results
Polo Promotions w/Coach Trip def. The New Age Kliq by Pinfall
ICW Zero-G Championship: Davey Boy (c) w/The Wee Man def. Lionheart by Pinfall
Kenny Williams def. Mikey Whiplash by Pinfall
Chris Renfrew def. Joe Coffey by Pinfall
Red Lightning vs Grado ended in a No Contest
Grado & Big Damo def. The Black Label by Pinfall