Review: United Pro Wrestling Act One

United Pro Wrestling started this year with a, sold out, debut show at the MACBI Community Hub in Mintlaw. They released their event footage through a series of thirty minute (approx.) shows on YouTube. So let’s start with Act One.

Lucha DS defeated The Jackal by Pinfall.

Straight into the show and The Jackal went on the offense quickly and aggressively, attacking Lucha as he attempted to pump up the crowd on the second rope. Once Lucha got a little momentum, Jackal was wanting none of the luchador and took to wasting time and using the 10 count to his advantage and atagonising the crowd. It wasn’t long before Lucha DS was fed up of waiting and starting shifting gears and throwing himself with crossbodies and some nice little flips to discombobulate The Jackal. Jackal took advantage of Lucha climbing the ropes and knocked him off to slow down the match to his pace while the crowd got behind the masked man. It evolved into a more back and forth bout with Lucha DS hitting a lovely standing imploding 630 splash. A 619 attempt was thwarted by The Jackal swinging a lariat for a close two count. A second attempt was successful and a swanton sealed it for Lucha DS.

An even contest, started a bit stuttering to get a pace going but a fine match overall.

Livewire Zack Matthews defeated Riley Adams by Pinfall.

Adams spent the opening getting frustrated as Matthews seemingly being able to make him look foolish with ease, grabbing him into a side headlock on several occasions. Adams bided his time and baited Livewire onto the outside where he turned the tables and started his attack with face pulling and biting, really scrapping to cause punishment. Livewire was thrown to the outside and got his foot caught in the ropes which could’ve been an ugly landing. Livewire fought back and hit a hard cannonball into the corner. A Pumphandle Slam courtesy of Livewire and a Bossman Slam from Adams could only garner two counts. Adams ran the ropes to hit a lariat but was stopped with a Shock Treatment Stunner from Livewire for the three count.

Overall: It was nice to see guys that I haven’t seen wrestle for quite a number of years like The Jackal and Livewire. There were some good moments but there are plenty of areas that can be improved. The commentary was almost not necessary as the audio was quiet or, when it could be heard, it was popping on the mic constantly. First episode though, so we’ll see as we go through each ‘Act’ where areas start to improve. I liked the wee ads for upcoming events, or for getting a taste of wrestlers characters, with them cutting a little promo which I think is a good idea, a bit old school. The action itself was fine, not five stars if you’re doing a star rating system, but it was pretty decent stuff. A few miscommunications, but the crowd was invested in each match and knew who to boo and cheer for. First review and ‘Act’ in the pocket, out of sight and I’m looking forward to the next episode.

You can watch the show on YouTube right here: