Wrestler Spotlight: Alex Cavanagh

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at Alex Cavanagh, who recently made his debut for ICW.

Photo credit David J Wilson

Alias – Alex Cavanagh, Mark Stevens, Cav
Nicknames – “Classic”, “The King of Crom Style”, “The Greatest Wrestler of All Time”
Companies Wrestled For  – Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Source Wresting, Pro Wrestling ZERO1, Pride Wrestling, RAD:PRO Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, Absolute Wrestling, Reckless Intent Wrestling and Insane Championship Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments – 
1x SWA Tag Team Champion w/Glen Dunbar (391 days)
Signature Moves – 616 (Sunset Driver), Cav-Tastrophy (Swinging Reverse STO), It’s A Bomb (Doctor Bomb), Knee Drop of Thulsa Doom (Knee Drop), Total Recall (Pumphandle Suplex), Cav-Avalanche (Diving Senton)
Alliances – The Forgotten w/Glen Dunbar & Jam O’Malley, The Marks w/Shiv, Sexi Time w/Dickie Divers, Team Hawaii w/Stevil, The O’Malley Empire w/Jam O’Malley, Damian O’Connor, Massimo, Darkside, Glen Dunbar, David Devlin, Dave Conrad, Jackie Grady, Wee Jimmy, MATT DALY & Scott McManus
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