Review: United Pro Wrestling Act Two

Act Two of United Pro Wrestling’s YouTube show, we’re still at the debut event at the MACBI Community Hub in Mintlaw. Let’s check it out.

We kicked off with the debut of The Greatest Wrestler of All Time. He ranted to the crowd about how great he is. I don’t want to spoil this too much but…yeah…flamboyant?

Johnny Pugs defeated The Greatest Wrestler of All Time by Pinfall.

GWOAT was busy showing off to the crowd as Pugs ambled behind him. GWOAT did everything in his power to avoid Johnny Pugs in the early going including running about outside the ring and stopping to stretch. When he did get brave enough his attacks did nothing to phase the humongous Pugs. This was a mauling with Pugs slapping GWOAT about. Pugs using a dragon sleeper to knock out GWOAT but stopped before his hand dropped for a third time, a clubbing clothesline was good for the win.

Not much happened, The Greatest Wrestler of All Time was campy and rolled about a lot and Pugs never left his feet. GWOAT was laid out on the canvas as the show went to interval.

Chris Lamb defeated Euan G Mackie by Pinfall.

Lamb dominated in the early going but Mackie used some of his quickness to avoid a corner splash and targeted the left knee of Lamb with a low dropkick and into a half boston crab. Lamb soon went back on the offensive with a big side slam and used hard forearms to punish Mackie further. Mackie had a reprieve with a top rope diving sunset flip for two and a springboard running bulldog for another two count. He went to the top rope but his crossbody was caught and Lamb went back to slowing down the pace. Mackie picked up some momentum but Lamb hit the codebreaker (the Leg of Lamb) for the victory.

Lamb attempted to attack Mackie after the match but got green misted and a cutter for his troubles.

Very good match, pardon the pun there.

Overall: This episode was a tale of two halves, I didn’t really enjoy The Greatest Wrestler of All Time but maybe that will grow on me and the match with Johnny Pugs was not a lot to write about. The second match was all the better with Euan G Mackie, who is just so effortless when it comes to everything. Once again the commentary wasn’t great but the audio and the popping was far cleaner than Act One which is certainly an improvement. Act two, done.

You can watch the show on YouTube right here: