Review: United Pro Wrestling Act Three

We’re onto Act Three, cheeky wee plug for their Show of the Month win in the OSWtv Monthly Poll. Not that it will swing any bias…

JFC defeated Stallyon by Count Out.

Back and forth start with both men battling through a lock up, Stallyon got the upperhand and battered JFC with clubs. The match spilled to the outside where Stallyon attempted to use his chain to knock the head off JFC but it was avoided. JFC started to build momentum, including a nice looking superkick, but Stallyon decided to exit the ring and allowed himself to be counted out.

A weird match, just when it started to get going it was cut off with the count out.

Before the next match The Scumbucks took turns to badmouth the crowd and that they were only here to collect a payday and not to entertain.

Steven Myles entered to announced that his tag team partner LJT couldn’t make it tonight which he had a suspicion that it had something to do with The Scumbucks. He asked anyone in the back to come out and be his tag team partner and no one entered.

The Scumbucks (Ian Ambrose & JD Wilde) w/Eddie Devine vs Steven ‘Air’ Myles ended in a No Contest. 

The Scumbucks triple teamed Myles before the UPW locker room emptied for a mass brawl. The General Manager, Chelsea, got on the mic and announced that this was now a battle royal.

Johnny Pugs Wins The Battle Royal*

The action stopped for Johnny Pugs entering as they all teamed up to try and eliminate him. The Greatest Wrestler of All Time entered and jumped over the top rope to avoid Johnny Pugs before realising that it was a battle royal and was carried out by security. Pugs ended up being tied up in the second and bottom rope for a triple dropkick from the The Scumbucks and Chris Lamb. Euan G Mackie misted Chris Lamb again before throwing him over the top rope in a nice callback to earlier in the night. Pugs got back into the action with a tower of doom as he powerbombed both Wilde and Ambrose while they superplexed Myles. Myles and Pugs teamed up to beat down The Scumbucks. After Wilde and Myles were eliminated it was down to Pugs and Ambrose with Devine skulking about ringside. All three Scumbucks tried to work together to get Pugs out but he threw them all out with relative ease.

Overall: Another fine show, the commentary audio was out of sync with the moves being called seconds before they actually happened. We got a battle royal which I generally quite enjoy. The count out for the JFC-Stallyon encounter was strange but it help put forward that Stallyon is a bit weird so can see the process behind it. Didn’t get to see a lot of Myles but from what was displayed I’m looking forward to see more of him. A conclusion of their debut event with everyone coming out and have a big ol’ brawl.

You can watch the show on YouTube right here: