Review: United Pro Wrestling Act Four

Episode four is from United Pro Wrestling’s second event which took place on July 16th. Straight away the commentary is audible so my hopes were high from the get go.

Triple Threat – Steven ‘Air’ Myles defeated Lucha DS & Jonathan Richards by Pinfall.

A fun opener with Richards playing the nuisance, once Richards was taken out it was down to Myles and Lucha DS with some great acrobatics in the early going. Once Richards recovered and called out the other two Myles went out with a suicide dive as Lucha DS followed up with a scary apron moonsault as he didn’t rotate fully but somehow managed to land on his feet. Richards used the momentum from Myles to pull Lucha in the way of a handspring volley as he started to control the ring, trying to keep one of his opponents in the ring at a time. Once that backfired it was down to Lucha and Myles as they hammered each other with forearms while stopping to thwart Jonathan Richards from getting any offense in. A missed Swanton from Lucha was the opening Richards needed to slow down the pace and take advantage. A great moment was Richards climbing to the top rope and getting the crowd to cheer before jumping down and putting a headlock onto Lucha. Myles got back in and hit a 450 splash onto Richards for the win.

Fun starter, dipped in the middle but the 450 splash was a great finish.

Riley Adams defeated JFC by Pinfall.

JFC controlled Adams in the get go with a headlock which included Adams being a recipient of a wet willy just to embarrass Adams further. The action was back and forth throughout with both getting a fair set of digs into the other. A sunset flip from JFC was good for a two count as Adams got a head of steam and starting mauling at JFC and not letting him get up as we got a shot of Stallyon sat in the crowd. JFC fought back with a trio of elbow drops for two before a float over was countered and Adams threw a European Uppercut to the back of JFC’s head and slowing down the action again. JFC started to gain momentum while Stallyon started moving through the crowd which distracted JFC long enough to miss a top rope splash. Adams took advantage and hit his big clothesline for the win. After the match Euan G Mackie entered and appeared to be controlling Stallyon to close the episode.

This match went a little long but JFC is certainly one I enjoy watching, he adds little bits of character with his moveset like a quick thumbs up before completing a sunset flip or a big cheesy grin before attempted big moves. The continuation from the first show with Stallyon and JFC made for some story development.

Overall: It’s quite clear that United Pro Wrestling looked at their first event and saw areas that needed improved and while the matches in this episode felt a bit long the wrestling itself was pretty decent. The audio for the commentary was thankfully better. Fun episode overall, onto episode five!

You can watch the show on YouTube right here: