Review: United Pro Wrestling Act Five

We’re onto Act Five of United Pro Wrestling’s half an hour show, this was from UPW’s show in July at the MACBI Community Hub in Mintlaw.

Before we got started there was a painfully long promo from The Greatest Wrestler of All Time, something about sheep. He ran away before Lamb to get his hands on him.

King Chris Lamb defeated The Greatest Wrestler of All Time by Pinfall.

Started with lots of stalling and GWOAT avoiding any action, some attempted comedy spots with a test of strength, some actual entertaining clumsy offense from GWOAT as he was getting the upperhand by pure circumstance before he prat falled from running the ropes which lead to Lamb taking over. A sudden hulk up from GWOAT but a codebreaker got the win for Chris Lamb.

This wasn’t good, like I’ve said before I don’t ‘get’ or, at the very least, I’m not entertained by The Greatest Wrestler of All Time. The general inexperience of both may’ve hurt this further. Can’t please everyone I suppose.

The Jackal defeated Livewire Zack Matthews by Pinfall.

The Jackal stalled in the get go before deciding to leave and was brought back for a battering from Livewire including a clothesline on the outside. The Jackal took advantage of Livewire’s zeal and countered a corner rush and started working on the back of Matthews with stomps and a senton while throwing in chokes for good measure. Livewire recovered while Jackal jaw-jakked with the crowd only to get a rebound German Suplex. Livewire fought back with running corner uppercuts and hit a cannonball for a two count, a follow up uranagi backbreaker got the same outcome. Livewire set up for the stunner but The Jackal pushed him into the referee which was enough of a distraction for Jackal to low blow and roll up Matthews for the win.

A fairly decent encounter, The Jackal is so unlikable and uses that to full effect as he takes any chance to rile up the crowd.

Overall: A show of two halves, The Greatest Wrestler of All Time against Chris Lamb wasn’t good and the Livewire/Jackal match was decent stuff. Not the best episode of United Pro Wrestling.

Don’t just take my word for it, you can watch the show on YouTube right here: