Wrestler Spotlight: Mark Haskins

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at Mark Haskins, who makes his return to Scotland this Sunday as part of the ROH War of the Worlds UK tour.

Photo Credit David J Wilson

Alias– Mark Haskins, Skins the Chav
Nicknames – “The Star Attraction”, “The Evil Jesus”
Companies Wrestled For – FWA Academy, Premier Promotions, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, 4 Front Wrestling, One Pro Wrestling, Real Quality Wrestling, World Association of Wrestling, westside Xtreme wrestling, LDN Wrestling, All Star Wrestling, International Wrestling Promotions, A-Merchandise, Irish Whip Wrestling, Pro Wrestling NOAH, Superstars of Wrestling, New Generation Wrestling, Dragon Gate, Force Francophone de Catch, Alternative Wrestling World, Plex Wrestling, Frontier Wrestling Alliance, British Allstar Wrestling Alliance, Be. Catch Company, Premier British Wrestling, Solent Wrestling Federation, Osaka Pro Wrestling, Impact Wrestling, Emerald Wrestling Federation, Southside Wrestling Entertainment, Revolution Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Elite, Preston City Wrestling, Dutch Pro Wrestling, Ironfist Wrestling, Britannia Wrestling Promotions, Fight Club: PRO, PROGRESS Wrestling, HOPE Wrestling, Dragon Gate UK, Tidal Championship Wrestling, Wu Tech Wrestling, Future Pro Wrestling, WrestleForce, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, Herts & Essex Wrestling, Leicester Championship Wrestling, BCN Wrestling, Kamikaze Pro, European Pro Wrestling, TNT Extreme Wrestling, Fight! Nation Wrestling, The Wrestling League, Shropshire Wrestling Alliance, SMASH Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, German Wrestling Federation, Over the Top Wrestling, Lucha Forever, EVOLVE Wrestling, X Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling Malta, APEX Pro Wrestling, Glory Pro, Ring of Honor, AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined, Ultimate Pro Wrestling, Full House Wrestling, Adriatic Special Combat Academy, Defiant Wrestling, 5 Star Wrestling, NORTH Wrestling, Battle Pro Wrestling, ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, Empire State Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Chaos and Insane Championship Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments
1x RQW Tag Team Champion w/Joel Redman
2x RQW European Cruiserweight Champion
2x IPW: UK British Cruiserweight Champion
1x IPW: UK Tag Team Champion w/Doug Basham, Joel Redman & Ricky Hype
1x Plex Wrestling British Champion
1x PWF Tag Team Champion w/Mark Sloan
1x NGW Heavyweight Champion
1x SWE Tag Team Champion w/Robbie X
1x HEW Heavyweight Champion
1x SWE Heavyweight Champion
1x RevPro British Tag Team Champion w/Joel Redman
1x SWE Speed King Champion
1x 4FW Junior Heavyweight Champion
1x PROGRESS World Champion
1x FNW British Champion
1x SMASH Wrestling Champion
1x Ironfist Heavyweight Champion
1x and last Lucha Forever Champion
1x OTT No Limits Champion
2x IPW: UK World Champion
1x and first 5 Star Tap or Snap Champion
1x PROGRESS Tag Team Champion w/Jimmy Havoc
1x Defiant Tag Team Champion w/Jimmy Havoc
1x IPW: UK All England Champion
2009 Premier Promotions Ian Dowland Trophy Winner
2013 PBW King of Cruisers Winner
2013 NGW Destiny Rumble Winner
2016 SWE Speed King Winner
2017 SMASH Wrestling Gold Winner
Signature Moves – Star Armbar (Bridging Fujiwara Armbar), Painkiller (Half Nelson dropped into a Knee Strike), Cradle to the Grave (Bridging Half Nelson Suplex), Star Kick (Jumping Back Kick), Stretch Muffler (Over the Shoulder Single Leg Boston Crab), Sharpshooter, Shooting Star Press, Superkick/Acid Rainmaker (Ripcord Lariat) Combo w/Jimmy Havoc
Alliances – StarbuX w/Robbie X, Screw Indy Wrestling w/Sha Samuels & Nathan Cruz, The Chavs w/Dan James & Harry Mills, The Thrillers w/Joel Redman, Gilligan Gordon, Iestyn Rees, James Tighe, Ricky Hype & Doug Basham, The Control w/Caz Crash, Rampage Brown & Sam Wilder, w/Mark Sloan, w/ PAC, w/Jimmy Havoc & Flash Morgan Webster, w/Jimmy Havoc & Vicky Haskins, w/Austin Aries, Chris Ridgeway, No Fun Dunne, Robert Sharpe & The Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher)
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