Review: ICW Insane in the Membrane

The Garage, Glasgow

The year was 2012, Brock Lesnar had return to the WWE, Damien Sandow held the Money in the Bank briefcase and Yoshi Tatsu was still employed but the juggernaut of professional wrestling. Over in Glasgow though things were getting insane. In this review, thanks to your votes, we’re checking out Insane Championship Wrestling’s Insane In The Membrane event that took place at The Garage on July 1st. and was streamed originally on

Billy Kirkwood sent us to Chris Duke who was on ring announcing duties, how times have changed.

ICW Tag Team Tournament Semi Final – STI (Dickie Divers & William Grange) w/Sara defeated The Coffey Brothers (Joe Coffey & Mark Coffey) by Pinfall.

The Coffeys went straight after the STI and it wasn’t long before things broke down as the two teams brawled around The Garage. The Coffeys picked off Grange and took turns battering with tandem moves and leaving Grange with little moment to breathe. Grange hit the Spin Doctor to allow himself to tag in Divers as they cut the ring in half and cornered Joe. Coffey fought back but ended up on the receiving end of Killer Boots (before it was Killer Boots) from the STI. The match broke down again as Mark Coffey ended up tied up in the ropes and held by Sara. While the referee was distracted, Grange with a low blow on Joe and the STI hit an elevated neckbreaker for the win. Mark Coffey grabbed Sara after the match while Divers and Grange ran off, Sara then got a discus lariat from Joe for her troubles.

A fast paced match to kick off the event with eyes darting all over the place to keep up with the action. Great stuff. Gave everyone a taste of what to expect for the evening for new viewers, wild, chaotic and exciting.

James R Kennedy entered to introduce his client, Christopher.

ICW Zero-G Championship – Triple Threat – Andy Wild defeated Christopher w/James R. Kennedy and Noam Dar (c) by Pinfall.

Christopher started this like a house on fire by attacking Noam Dar as he posed on the turnbuckle then had a fantastic trade off with Wild which he gained the upper hand. Dar re-entered and got the better of Christopher. Wild back in to give Dar some big German Suplexes. Christopher wasn’t done as he hit a double dropkick to both his opponents but some posturing cost him with Wild and Dar taking turns battering Christopher before going at it themselves. Dar avoided a corner rush from Christopher and flew out of the ring onto Wild. Chris Renfrew entered and got his hands on a kendo stick and chased Christopher and Kennedy out of the building leaving it down to Noam Dar and Andy Wild. They fought on the apron with kicks and chops before Wild hit a cutter on the apron. Dar fought back to hit a foot stomp onto Wild’s leg as it was draped on the bottom rope, a dragon screw followed up into a Champagne Super Kneebar which Wild just got out of when he reached the ropes. Kicks traded before Andy Wild hit the Wildest Driver for the win and the Zero G Championship.

Absolutely amazing, non-stop action and all three looked fantastic. The final showdown between Dar and Wild was brilliant.

Chris Duke introduced ‘The Highlander from Hell’ Drew McDonald to the ring. McDonald complimented the fans and hailed ICW the future of wrestling in Scotland. Certainly foreshadowing. The Official Community interrupted McDonald. Who called them, and I quote, “a shower of f*cking idiots”. Musso attacked McDonald as The Official Community joined in. Wolfgang came in for the save including a massive Slam Dunk on Rage. The numbers game was too much as Grado jumped the barrier. Mark Dallas entered and announced a six man tag team match between three members of The Official Community against Wolfgang, Drew McDonald and, in his first ICW match, Grado.

The Official Community (Damian O’Connor, Jamie Feerick & Scott Maverick) w/Charles Boddington, Nicola Storm, Mike Musso & TJ Rage defeated Drew McDonald, Grado & Wolfgang by Pinfall.

Wolfgang smacked Maverick about before tagging in McDonald to square off against O’Connor who got clocked. A handy distraction from Maverick and Feerick gave O’Connor the chance to take advantage with some uppercuts. McDonald countered and tagged in Grado who hit the Roll N Slice onto O’Connor. Grado duked and jived around Feerick and landed a big leg drop. Grado ascended the top rope but Charles Boddington pulled the leg which allowed The Official Community to isolate himsel’. Grado got a Wee Boot onto O’Connor which allowed him to tag Wolfgang who battered everyone in sight as he threw Maverick into the crowd. Feerick soon joined him into the fifth row while McDonald brawled with O’Connor, Wolfgang then flew over the top rope with a suicide plancha. Grado set up for a dive but James Scott slid in and lifted Grado up for a fireman’s carry into a kick to the head which allowed Feerick and Maverick to crawl onto Grado’s body for the three count.

After the match, Dallas entered and challenged The Official Community to a five on five Glasgow Street Fight.

More wild, insane action, the Wolfgang dive was a thing of beauty.

Last Man Standing – Mikey Whiplash (w/Jam O’Malley, Kay Lee Ray & Lolita) defeated Jack Jester

It appeared as if the referee was to be Jam O’Malley but Jester gave him a Tombstone, another referee entered who was clotheslined by Whiplash. A third referee narrowly escaped the same fate as Jester and Whiplash started the fight. Whiplash avoided a facebuster attempt but back body dropping Jester onto the wooden floor. Jester soon took his corkscrew to Whiplash that drew blood with straight punches to the cut to open it up further. Jester disappeared but soon returned with a wooden board covered in barbed wire. The brawl continued into the crowd which saw Whiplash strike a fan which brought the match into awkward territory, Whiplash catapulted Jester under the stage where the announce table was situated and brought blood to Jester. They brawled on the stage and back through the crowd and up to the balcony as the blood flowed. Whiplash attempted to throw Jester off the balcony but the referee, David Devlin, that Whiplash took out at the start of the match jumped Whiplash. Whiplash soon turned his attention to Devlin and viciously assaulted him before sending Kay Lee Ray to continue the attack, hitting a Swanton Bomb for good measure. Before Whiplash could do anymore damage to Devlin, Jester returned to continue the match. Whiplash hung Jester from a turnbuckle while carving Jester’s head with his own corkscrew. Jester wouldn’t stay down but was assaulted with a kendo stick for his troubles. A barrage of kendo stick shots to the head wouldn’t keep Jester down who got Whiplash up for a Tombstone to even the score. They battled on the apron, Jester scaled to the top rope but a kendo stick shot from Kay Lee Ray and a rolling firemans carry from the top rope from Whiplash was enough to keep down Jester following a fast count from the recovered Jam O’Malley.

Brutal, disgusting and bloody. It’s not a style of wrestling I enjoy and it was uncomfortable to watch. Jester deservedly got an ovation when he made it back to his feet.

World Of Sport Scottish Rules – Best Two Out Of Three Falls – Chris Renfrew vs. Jimmy Havoc ended in a Draw.

A surprisingly technical start between Renfrew and Havoc in the first round of this Scottish Rules bout with both jockeying for position. The first round ended with no man gaining the advantage. The second round started quicker with Havoc using some speed to smash Renfrew. We got introduced to weapons in this round with a frying pan to the skull of Renfrew as the second round came to an end with no falls. Havoc went for a quick start to round three but Renfrew saw it coming and sent him to the outside. A light-tube was brought out that ended up being smashed with a frying pan over Havoc’s head which saw the blood trickle. Renfrew taped light-tubes to the ringpost and sent Havoc’s back into them as they exploded over his back. Renfrew brought out two lemons and squished them onto Havoc’s bloody back. Havoc countered a superplex but was caught into a baldo bomb for a two count as round three came to an end with no falls. Havoc was dripping with blood. Renfrew brought out a ladder to start the forth round as he sent Havoc into it with a back body drop as it lent in the corner. Havoc fought back but ended up hiptossed into a chair which saw his body mangled. A big spinebuster and frying pan shot couldn’t keep Havoc down for three as round four ended. Round five started with both men bringing in a bag of drawing pins each as they were poured onto the canvas. They both attempted to force each other onto the pins and it ended up with both going for a clothesline and ending up on the pins simultaneously. They traded forearms as Renfrew slammed Havoc into the pins with a spinebuster for only a two count. They brawled as the final round finished with no falls gained by either man.

The crowd chanted for one more round but Renfrew and Havoc agreed to fight another day.

A really well built match that just got more insane with every round. Starting with the wrestling then evolving into a gorefest. The blood from Havoc was horrible to look at and the match was barbaric.

ICW Tag Team Tournament Semi Final – The Bucky Boys (Davey Boy & Stevie Boy) w/Lambrini & The Wee Man defeated Johnny Moss & Kid Fite by Pinfall.

Back and forth start between Fite and Stevie Boy before Davey tagged in and wanted a piece of Johnny Moss. Moss overpowered Davey as Davey had to start relying on some speed to take Moss off his feet with a beautiful dropkick but was soon thrown with an overhead belly to belly. Kid Fite was tagged back in as Davey saw an opening and tagged in Stevie who hit an outstanding standing shooting star press. Fite got a snap suplex in and got Moss back into the ring who proceeded to throw Stevie like he weighed nothing. The Wee Man squared up to Moss but was chopped but it allowed Stevie to land a hurricurana for a two count. Stevie Boy quickened the pace for some near falls but was caught with a keylock DDT from Fite. Davey ran in with a TKO but ate a deadlift German Suplex from Moss. A Triple D from The Buckys onto Moss could only get a two count as the match broke down. Stevie attempted a moonsault from Davey’s back while he was on the top rope but Moss caught Davey into an electric chair with Fite hitting a super Doomsday Device onto Stevie. The chaos continued with Moss throwing Davey over the barricade with ease and leaving Fite and Stevie in the ring who caught Fite with a roll up for the win.

All four shook hands after the match as a mutual show of respect.

An incredible match, once again it was just wild. Moss threw folk like they were nothing. Great match.

James Scott entered and called out Lionheart and offered him a chance to be his tag team partner. Lionheart wasn’t so keen on the idea as Scott attacked Lionheart while his back was turned for the match to begin.

Lionheart defeated James Scott by Pinfall.

A fast and furious encounter with James Scott baiting Lionheart into making mistakes and taking advantage. Lionheart hit a blistering superkick and a Rock Bottom that could only get him two counts. James Scott went up top but only jumped into another superkick, Lionheart went for a frog splash but Scott put up his knees, a kick to the nuts and double foot stomp looked to seal it for Scott but Wolfgang entered to distract Scott which was enough for Lionheart to counter a vertabreaker into a roll up.

Quick match with non-stop action.

ICW Heavyweight Championship – Red Lightning (c) defeated BT Gunn by Pinfall.

The two brawled as soon as the bell sounded as they scrapped with close fisted. They were separated by security as Mark Dallas told them to get into corners. Gunn was distracted by Dallas trying to get some order only for him to turn around and be laid out with the centre plate of the ICW Heavyweight Championship for Lightning to pick up an easy win.

No match to write about as it lasted less than two minutes.

Overall: A show that boasted future WWE superstars like Noam Dar, Damian O’Connor, Nikki Storm and Wolfgang, seeing the likes of Viper and Bete Noire front row was great. A nostalgic look at Scottish wrestling with plenty of foundations for the future British wrestling revolution. It’s been just over five years since this event and it’s remarkable to see where ICW is now and what they have accomplished.

The show itself was a perfect mix of everything ICW looked to offer, fast athletic bouts, blood filled hardcore massacres and some lighthearted entertainment. The “main event” didn’t really count as the rest of the matches were solid to fantastic. A worthwhile show to watch again.

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