Review: United Pro Wrestling Act Six

Act Six just went live so let’s go through the latest offering from United Pro Wrestling.

The Scumbucks all took turns with the microphone, no idea what they actually said but the crowd were firmly behind Johnny Pugs afterwards.

Handicap Match – Johnny Pugs defeated The Scumbucks (JD Wilde & Ian Ambrose) by Pinfall.

Pugs out-muscled both Scumbucks as he teased a suicide dive to the outside. Eddie Devine attempted interference but got thrown out of the ring onto Ambrose and Wilde. Ambrose grabbed the legs of Pugs as he attempted to get back into the ring as Wilde hit a superkick to take down Pugs for the first time. A follow up double dropkick kept Pugs down and The Scumbucks traded quick tags and booting their larger opponent. An Ambrose Swanton and Wilde Moonsault wasn’t only good for a two count. Six Superkicks in a row from the Scumbucks but an attempted double suplex was countered by Pugs as he got back to his feet and threw Ambrose and Wilde about. Devine caused a distraction which allowed Ambrose to low blow Pugs but a follow up attempted Mercer Driver was thwarted leading to Wilde being powerbombed onto Ambrose for Johnny Pugs to win.

Better than it should’ve been with The Scumbucks getting a lot of offense in before Pugs overpowered the two for the win.

Opera of Silence (Stallyon & Euan G Mackie) defeated Michael Chase & Theo Doros by Pinfall.

The debut of Chase and Doros at United Pro Wrestling. Match started slowly with a wristlock sequence as Opera of Silence tried to cut the ring in half and kept Doros away from his corner. Doros fought back with a double of quick sentons for two. Chase was tagged in with Stallyon. Though the larger of the two, Chase used his speed to outmatch Stallyon with a high crossbody for another close two count. In turnabout, Chase and Doros tried to keep Stallyon outnumbered but a distraction from Mackie allowed Stallyon to bite at Doros and turn the tide and the Opera of Silence gained control as they wore down Doros. Doros finally got the tag as Chase cleaned house and landed a big elbow drop for a near fall. Doros tagged in and dropkicked Stallyon to send him tied up into the ropes as JFC ran out and took a selfie with the helpless Stallyon. Mackie hit Doros with the Curse of Castle Mackula and sprayed his green mist onto Chase, Stallyon escaped and his his big forearm onto Doros for the win.

A decent match, got a little overloaded towards the end but the ongoing story between JFC and Stallyon continued.

Overall: After the underwhelming Act Five, this episode was an improvement. The handicap match was surprisingly entertaining while the tag team match had some decent moments.

You can watch the show on YouTube right here: