The Life of Smith: Damn You JFC

The day after competing at a sold out show for Reckless Intent, I found myself travelling up the A90 and beyond to compete for United Pro Wrestling, as they hosted an afternoon show at the Macbi Community Hub in Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire. The show would see Ring of Honor and independent wrestling star Colt Cabana competing, as he teamed with ‘Livewire’ Zack Matthews against Chris Lamb and The Jackal.

I was travelling solo to and from this show and as always with Sunday afternoon shows, it was nice to be travelling along roads with next to no traffic and the journey to Mintlaw was straightforward up until a road closure on the A90, which resulted in me taking the diversion through the township of Ellon, but still arriving at the venue in decent time.

My opponent for the afternoon was JFC, a man I knew very little about coming into this match and someone that seems to have a rivalry with Stallyon going on, someone that I have known for years but someone that has taken somewhat of a dark turn recently. I have seen many Stallyon vignettes over the last several months and it is strange to see what has become of a man that I broke into the business alongside and one that has always had a tremendous amount of talent.

Anyway, I was once again representing ENGLAND at this show, as God Save the Queen played during my entrance and as I dedicated my match to Prime Minister Theresa May, as well as former Prime Minister David Cameron and the late, great Lady Margaret Thatcher. Despite not knowing much about JFC, I knew that I had experience and size advantages over him. My biggest mistake in this match was underestimating JFC, as he nearly picked up a couple of early pinfall victories throughout the match and nearly beat me with a Super Kick at one point. He was able to reach the ropes when I had him locked in the Border City Stretch and was able to counter my Sunset Flip attempt for the pinfall victory.

Damn you JFC.

The rest of the bill featured ‘The Notorious’ Johnny Pugs destroy Riley Adams with a Powerbomb, before I underestimated JFC and suffered my first pinfall loss in United Pro Wrestling. There was plenty of antics and showmanship by Livewire and Colt Cabana in the tag match and the loudmouth antics and aggression of The Jackal combined with the dirty tactics of Chris Lamb were not enough to beat the two fan favourites. ‘The Greatest Wrestler of All Time’ suffered an unfortunate loss and failed to live up to his name against one half of The Scum Bucks in JD Wilde, before Steven ‘Air’ Myles defeated Stallyon in the main event after the latter was counted out followed by a devastating ‘Myles Clash’ on the outside of the ring!

United Pro Wrestling will be debuting in Macduff on Saturday 19th August, as they host a show at the Macduff Bowling Club. Tickets are £8 and available via the shop feature on the United Pro Wrestling Facebook page and via Expect to see United Pro Wrestling regulars such as ‘The Notorious’ Johnny Pugs, ‘Livewire’ Zack Matthews and Stallyon in action. I will be at the Reckless Intent show in Twechar that day, but I wish United Pro Wrestling the best for their Macduff debut. All in all though, that is the Life of Smith. Good day.