Wrestler Spotlight: Saxon Huxley

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at another of the guests for SWE’s Hell for Lycra show later this month, Saxon Huxley.

Photo credit Tony Knox

Alias – Saxon Huxley
Nicknames – “The Muscle Cat”, “The Psychedelic Samaritan”, “Saint Saxon the Baptist”
Companies Wrestled For – Great Bear Promotions, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, Brian Kendrick’s Wrestling Pro Wrestling, Apex Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Holland, Pro Wrestling Allstars, Grapple Wrestling, Megaslam Wrestling, Italian Championship Wrestling, Absolute Wrestling, NORTH Wrestling, Pure Wrestling Association, Main Event Wrestling, Wrestletime, TNT Extreme Wrestling, World Wrestling Entertainment, Leicester Championship Wrestling Elevation, Radical Innovation of Sports Entertainment England, True Grit Wrestling and Scottish Wrestling Entertainment
Titles & Accomplishments
1x RISE England Heavyweight Champion
1x Grapple Tag Team Champion w/Sean Only
1x and first ever Empire Tag Team Champion w/Gabriel Kidd
Signature Moves – Shattered Illusions (Canadian Backbreaker into a Boston Crab)
Alliances – The Muscle Cats w/Buff Churchill, Trial and Violence w/Gabriel Kidd, The Family w/Bully Boy Carter & Cousin Jake, The Britts w/Buff Churchill & Matthew Albert, Fitch’s All Stars w/Dan Fitch, Little Miss Roxxy & Nicky Starr, w/Sean Only
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