WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup 2018 – 8 Possible Contenders


WCPW’s 64-man Pro Wrestling World Cup came to an end last weekend after a total of eleven shows, culminating in a Japanese victory as KUSHIDA defeated England’s Will Ospreay in a monumental final. Although there’s been no official confirmation, I wouldn’t be surprised if they make this an annual tournament after the huge success they’ve had with it. So, let’s take a look at eight men who could represent Scotland if WCPW decide to run the tournament again!

1. Lionheart

In the space of 12 months, Lionheart went from being a fanny to a hero. Rock Bottoming interviewers and Tories along the way, The Dugfather has slowly become one of the fan favourites in ICW. He was able to get fans to boo Joe Hendry which, when appearing as The Local Hero instead of The Prestigious One, is rare to see. With the talent he has, I don’t view Lionheart as just another entrant to fill up space. Instead, I could see him reaching at least the semifinals.

2. Aspen Faith

Still waiting for this man to appear in a WCPW ring. “The King of Catch” Aspen Faith is quite possibly the best technical wrestler in Scotland, proving why he’s earned that nickname. Transforming from a hippy into a technical master, Faith is one of the hidden gems of Scottish wrestling although he’s getting his name around more now than he was before. With his Kings of Catch partner Lewis Girvan going out in the first round against BT Gunn, it would be great to see Aspen get further along in the field of 64.

3. Kid Fite

One of the world’s most consistent wrestlers, it never gets old watching Kid Fite inside the ring. Making his WCPW debut earlier in the year alongside Lou King Sharp as part of Glaswegian Culture, Fite hasn’t had the best of luck in the Newcastle promotion. Despite that however, Fite is one of the most recognisable names in British wrestling and could be a viable contender to win the whole thing if he keeps going the way he is.

4. Jack Jester

Jack Jester is known for his sadistic ways in the ring and is one of the most recognisable names in British wrestling. Surprised he hasn’t already been in WCPW, but the Pro Wrestling World Cup would be a perfect way to bring him in. This year’s World Cup referees were lenient with count outs and disqualifications, but you’d have to wonder how far they would allow Big Kink to go.

5. Jackie Polo

Nature’s Gift to Wrestling has made two appearances so far in WCPW alongside his Polo Promotions partner Mark Coffey, who was part of this year’s Pro Wrestling World Cup. Although he’s more known for his success as a tag team wrestler, Polo has also saw success as a singles wrestler, having held gold such as the Target Wrestling Championship and the SWA Laird of the Ring Championship. While Mark was eliminated in the first round, I think Jackie could go further and be one of the two Scottish representatives in the Round of 16.

6. Stevie Boy

The Icon Killer is another man I’m surprised hasn’t been in WCPW so far. Becoming one of the greatest wrestlers to come from Scotland, Stevie Boy has started a generation, a Filthy Generation to be exact. This generation is already being represented in the Newcastle company, with Kay Lee Ray reigning as the WCPW Women’s Champion. Stevie is definitely one that could add to The Filthy Generation’s success and add the Pro Wrestling World Cup trophy to his ever-growing collection.

7. Chris Renfrew

Chris Renfrew, like Jack Jester, does some hardcore stuff inside the squared circle. He’ll do whatever he has to in order to inflict punishment on his opponent. Whether he’s using thumbtacks or a simple steel chair, Renfrew will do it all to put his opponent away. If he can get away with it behind the referee’s back, he could make it far in the Pro Wrestling World Cup.

8. Aaron Echo

Rounding out the list is PBW Academy graduate Aaron Echo. Echo made his WCPW debut at Fight Back in a losing effort to Kenny Williams, but made sure to make a lasting impression with an impressive showing. Aaron has shown he can hang with the best of them, facing the likes of Davey Blaze, Jody Fleisch and Wolfgang in the last few months. Being part of a huge tournament such as the Pro Wrestling World Cup would only do more to further the career of one of the UK’s fastest rising stars.

So, who do you think could represent Scotland in the 2018 Pro Wrestling World Cup? If you want to watch all the action from this year’s tournament, you can find all the matches on the WCPW YouTube channel.