Wrestler Spotlight: Matt Riddle

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at Matt Riddle, who has appearances set for Source Wrestling and Discovery Wrestling this weekend.

Photo credit David J Wilson

Alias – Matt Riddle, Matthew Riddle
Nicknames – “Bro”, “The King of Bros”, “The Original Bro”, “Deep Waters”, “The Cream in Your Coffee, Bro, Your Favourite Bro’s Favourite Wrestlers, The HeBro Cannons, The Physical Embodiment of Bro, The Most Entertaining Bros in Professional Wrestling, The Brodie Sanders of Professional Wrestling, Mr’s Ameribrorana, Davey and Matty Wrestling, The Circumcised Saviours, The 104 Minute and The 6 Second Man, The Main Bros, They’re Really Good at Brofessional Wrestling and Twitter and Facebook and BeBro, The King of Taunts, The King of Bros, They’re Fluent in Hebrew” w/David Starr
Companies Wrestled For – Monster Factory Pro Wrestling, EVOLVE Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, Legacy Wrestling, Keystone Pro Wrestling, Women’s Wrestling Revolution, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Absolute Intense Wrestling, Empire Wrestling Entertainment, PROGRESS Wrestling, Premiere Wrestling Xperience, AAW: Professional Wrestling Redefined, House of Glory, Tier 1 Wrestling, Quintessential Pro Wrestling, Alpha-1 Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, westside Xtreme wrestling, Defiant Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling, Over the Top Wrestling, Scenic City Invitational, Ultimate Pro Wrestling, CHIKARA, Game Changer Wrestling, Fight! Nation Wrestling, Ironfist Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling, The Wrestling League, Battle Club Pro, Combat Zone Wrestling, Glory Pro Wrestling, German Wrestling Federation, Lucha Forever, Full Impact Pro, WrestleCircus, Style Battle, 3 Count Wrestling, X Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling Chaos, Preston City Wrestling, HOPE Wrestling, House of Hardcore, Pro Wrestling Revolver, Jersey All Pro Wrestling, Source Wrestling, DEFY Wrestling, Riptide Wrestling, SMASH Wrestling, Rockstar Pro Wrestling, 5 Star Wrestling, IWA Mid-South, Fight Club: PRO, World Series Wrestling, Northeast Wrestling, The Crash, PCW ULTRA, Northeast Wrestling, House of Hardcore, NeoFight Pro and World Wrestling Entertainment
Titles & Accomplishments
1x MFPW Heavyweight Champion
1x and last KPW Tag Team Champion w/Punisher Martinez
2x PROGRESS Atlas Champion
1x and first ever WWN Champion
1x PWG World Tag Team Champion w/Jeff Cobb
1x PWC King of Chaos Champion
1x HOPE 24/7 Hardcore Champion
1x and last 5 Star Tap or Snap Champion
1x EVOLVE World Champion
2016 EVOLVE Style Battle Winner
2016 Beyond Men’s Tournament for Today Winner
2017 wXw AMBITION 8 Winner
2017 Scenic City Invitational Winner
2018 Style Battle 8 Winner
2018 IWA Mid-South Revolution Strong Style Tournament Winner
Signature Moves – Bro to Sleep (GTS), Bromission (Leg-Trapped Neck Crank), Brostroyer (Canadian Destroyer), Brostone (Tombstone Piledriver), Final Flash (Bicycle Knee Strike), Floating Bro (Diving Corkscrew Senton), Electric Chair/Diving Knee Strike Combo w/Jeff Cobb
Alliances – The Chosen Bros w/Jeff Cobb, Ultimate Punishment w/Punisher Martinez, BroSteel w/Chuck O’Neil, The Broduct w/David Starr, The Filthy Bros w/Tom Lawlor, Catch Point w/Tracy Williams, Fred Yehi, Chris Dickinson, Jaka, TJ Perkins & Drew Gulak
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