Adam’s Top 5… Scottish Wrestling Managers


After hearing of the passing of WWE Hall of Famer Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, I thought it was only fitting to make this list. Managers can be great to have at ringside to distract your opponent and allow you to take control of the action, sometimes even getting physically involved in the match. However, some managers aren’t always as helpful. I’m looking at you Jeeves Winchester. Who would you say is the best manager in Scottish wrestling?

Honourable mentions;
Coach Trip (notable clients; Jackie Polo, Mark Coffey and DCT)
Eddie Devine (notable clients; Ian Ambrose and JD Wilde)
Jeeves Winchester (notable clients; Lord Alan Sterling, Lord Mr Malice and Nathan North)

5. The Wee Man
Notable clients; Stevie Boy and Davey Blaze

The Wee Man burst on to the Scottish wrestling scene alongside The Bucky Boys. Known for his comedic antics at ringside and on the mic when berating his client’s opponent, fans have come to have a love/hate relationship him. Whenever he needs to, The Wee Man will also step in to the ring if need be, having faced Joe Hendry, DCT and Adam Shame over the last few months. His match with Coach Trip on an episode of ICW Fight Club will surely be the 2017 Match of the Year from The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

4. Charles Boddington
Notable clients; Davey Blaze, Andy Wild, Drew Galloway, Johnny Moss and Nathan Reynolds

The Manager of Champions has accompanied several of the UK’s greats to the ring over the years and has led many of them to championship gold. From what I’ve seen recently, he mostly manages Davey Blaze for the likes of Premier British Wrestling and Rock N Wrestle, where he won their Money in the Bank Match in 2015. I’d enjoy seeing Boddington in the likes of Discovery Wrestling managing names such as Joe Hendry. With Hendry becoming prestigious over the last few months, surely he would need a prestigious manager to handle the influx of bookings he must be getting.

3. Red Lightning
Notable clients; Joe Coffey, Grado, Drew Galloway, Jack Jester and Wolfgang

Running a sports and entertainment business surely can’t be an easy task, but Red Lightning makes it look so. After starting RUDO Sports and Entertainment Brand earlier this year with Joe Coffey and Grado as his first clients, Lightning has gone out of his way to ensure his athletes get the best treatment they can possibly get. Personally, I’d love to see one big organisation managed by both Lightning and Richard R. Russell. Put both of them together and you’ve got something truly special right there.

2. James R. Kennedy
Notable clients; Kid Fite, Sha Samuels, Doug Williams, Timm Wylie and Christopher

James R. Kennedy can do it all. Manage, wrestle, commentate. Being head honcho of The 55 stable in ICW, JRK represented some of the very best and led Kid Fite and Sha Samuels to the ICW Tag Team Championships in December 2015. After being fired from ICW in April 2016 due to a match stipulation, Kennedy has headed down to England, where he became the authority figure of 3 Count Wrestling and managed the likes of Prospect, Drake and Bad Bones for WCPW. I’m all for Kennedy returning to Scotland as a manager, so many perfect names for him to manage.

1. Richard R. Russell
Notable clients; Shawn Johnson, Damien, Crusher Craib, Alan Sterling and William Sterling

Perhaps not as well known as the others on this list, Richard R. Russell has gotten on the nerves of WrestleZone fans ever since first stepping through the curtain. Being the Chief Financial Officer for Sterling Oil, Russell has led his clients to gold on numerous occasions, with Shawn Johnson being the reigning Undisputed WrestleZone Champion and The Sterling Brothers being in their fifth reign as WrestleZone Tag Team Champions. Richard would be a perfect manager in a company like Discovery Wrestling or Rock N Wrestle. Let’s see what the future brings for the Sterling Oil CFO.

These names join a long list of fantastic wrestling managers, from Bobby Heenan to Jimmy Hart to Miss Elizabeth. Which managers do you enjoy seeing at ringside?