Adam’s Top 5… Grado’s Best ICW Moments


Since his ICW debut in July 2012, Grado has been possibly the most beloved and most recognisable face in ICW. But after coming away unsuccessful in a Loser Leaves ICW Match against former partner Sha Samuels on night two of Shug’s Hoose Party 4, The Chubby Wee Chancer has been forced to leave his home. With that, I’m here to take a look at Grado’s five best moments from his storied ICW career!

5. The Pinky Party Unites (Shug’s Hoose Party III 31/7/16)

Heading in to the third annual Shug’s Hoose Party event, Mark Dallas and Red Lightning were set to lead their teams into a six man tag team match with Dallas’ share of ICW up for grabs. Lightning chose Drew Galloway, Jack Jester and 2016 Square Go! winner Wolfgang to help him become the sole owner of ICW while Dallas selected Grado and Noam Dar with a third man still to be named. As Dallas revealed his final man, Grado and Noam put their pinkies in the air. To the shock of Red Lightning and everyone else in attendance, so did Sha Samuels who was Red’s associate at the time. Sha took out The Black Label and revealed an ICW t-shirt to show his allegiance to Mark Dallas and unite The Pinky Party with Grado and Dar. Mark’s team would go on to win the match after Chris Renfrew returned and dropped Galloway with a Stone Cold Stoner, placing Grado on top for the pin.

4. Grado Gets Booked (Insane in the Membrane 1/7/12)

The story of Grado was getting around throughout 2012, with his videos going viral. But still, he wasn’t getting booked on ICW shows. As a result, Grado took matters into his own hands at Insane in the Membrane on July 1st, jumping the barrier to save Drew McDonald and Wolfgang from The Official Community. With a six man tag team match being signed with The Official Community’s Damian O’Connor, Jamie Feerick and Scott Maverick taking on Drew and Wolfgang, they needed a partner. As Grado was dragged backstage by security, Mark Dallas called Grado back out and gave him his first match in an ICW ring. After interference from James Scott to attack Grado, The Official Community picked up the win. July 1st 2012 would mark the start of one of ICW’s greatest wrestlers to date.

3. Winning The Tag Team Championships With Colt Cabana (You Have the Right to Remain Dead 10/8/14)

When Colt Cabana arrived in ICW in August 2014, he defeated Grado at Get Mendoza! on August 3rd. Just one week later, the two were teaming together as Irn Jew to challenge The New Age Kliq’s Chris Renfrew and BT Gunn for their ICW Tag Team Championships. After going back and forth, Irn Jew were crowned the new champions following a Go to Sleep and a Wee Boot to Renfrew. The fans in the Edinburgh Studio 24 were amazed as Grado got his first taste of championship gold alongside his hero.

2. Turning On ICW (Barramania III 16/4/17)

At Barramania III in April earlier this year, Grado lost a hard-fought battle against Wolfgang. After the match, Sha Samuels came out to the ring as Grado got on the mic. The fan favourite started to cut a promo where it looked as if he was packing his bags and heading out of ICW. But to everyone’s shock, Grado instead kicked Sha below the belt with the smuggest of smiles. But that wasn’t the biggest shock of the night. Grado went on about how Mark Dallas and the rest of management used his face to sell tickets and get fans in the door. If Mark wanted to continue to use his face, he would have to go through his new Sports & Entertainment Agent. Out came Red Lightning, the same man that was forced to leave ICW at Fear & Loathing IX after his team lost to a team that featured Grado. The two shared a hug as the fans rained in with the boos.

1. Winning The World Heavyweight Championship (Fear & Loathing VIII 15/11/15)

After debuting three years prior, no-one could have imagined a man like Grado main eventing a wrestling show at the SECC Hydro. After getting the title opportunity against then-ICW World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway, the odds were stacked against The Chubby Wee Chancer with Galloway having The Black Label watching his back. After the referee was taken out and the likes of Jack Jester and that evening’s guest commissioner Mick Foley, it was down to Grado and Galloway for the last ten seconds. In a matter of moments, Grado kicked a steel chair into Galloway’s face with a Wee Boot, but with no referee Grado couldn’t win the gold. Cue Mark Dallas to run down and count the three. The roof came off the building as Grado was finally crowned ICW World Heavyweight Champion.

Grado has had perhaps one of the best ICW careers of all time. The question is, will he ever make another appearance in an ICW ring?