Wrestler Spotlight: Jack Sexsmith

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. With today being National Coming Out Day, we’re taking a look at one of the most flamboyant wrestlers from the UK in Jack Sexsmith, who appeared as part of the Jimmy Havoc Deathmatch Tournament event just over a year ago.

Photo credit The Ringside Perspective

Alias – Jack Sexsmith
Nicknames – “The Pansexual Phenomenon”, “The Sexually Frivolous”, “The Morally Ambiguous”
Companies Wrestled For  – PROGRESS Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, Good Wrestling, Tidal Championship Wrestling, South East Professional Wrestling, Apollo Championship Wrestling, ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, westside Xtreme wrestling, Fight Club: PRO, The Wrestling League, HOPE Wrestling, Lucha Forever, X Wrestling Alliance, Unprofessional Wrestling, Riptide Wrestling, NORTH Wrestling, Revolution Pro Wrestling and Defiant Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments – 
2x HOPE 24/7 Hardcore Champion
1x IPW: UK Tag Team Champion w/Robert Sharpe
1x IPW: UK Z-Force Champion
Signature Moves – Mr Cocko (Mandible Claw with a condom), Crippler Cockface (Crossface), LGBDT (Jumping Spike DDT), Big Double Stompy Move (Diving Double Foot Stomp to the head), Product BDSM (Bridging Arm-Trapped German Suplex/Diving Double Foot Stomp to the Head Combo w/David Starr)
Alliances – The Shirtlifters w/Roy Johnson, Sexy Starr w/David Starr, The Filthy Club w/Robert Sharpe, Inmundo Conquistadors w/Robert Sharpe, Sex on the Beach w/Chuck Mambo, The Mega Flowers w/Chuck Mambo, w/Damon Moser
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