The Aldridge Opinion – Genesis

It has been a transitional while or so recently, as not long ago I brought Lucian Maynard Smith to a close and introduced the wrestling world to Luke Aldridge. Last month, you could say that I carried out some ‘test runs’ with Luke Aldridge, competing against Stephen Hughes at the last Source Wrestling Showcase and against Alex Webb at the United Pro Wrestling show in Peterhead. Since then, I have had some updated photos taken with Darren Wyllie of Dark Soul Images and I have worked with South Wales Kings on some custom entrance music, as well as showcasing the new name at Reckless Intent, where I teamed with David Devlin against Michael Chase and Theo Doros, a combination that has recently debuted in ICW and one that is looking to kick-start a tag team division at Reckless Intent.

I have focused a lot on marketing myself more since the change, with me introducing graphics depicting the ‘Aldridge Oddysee’, which details the shows that I am on for the month and any dates that I might still have available, as well as a stronger emphasis on production values for promos/vignettes I have been doing. I am still learning when it comes to the latter (editing and producing my own stuff like a boss, as if it is the mid-late 2000’s!) but I am proud of the promo that I did for United Pro Wrestling’s show that will be taking place in Buckie this Saturday. I have also found a way to create GIFs, so expect to see plenty of them popping up on my social media pages.

I do look forward to fully introducing Luke Aldridge to the wrestling world and have been enjoying doing so over the last several weeks. Expect to see more aggression, boots to faces, head drops, grainy promos/vignettes and an admiration for flannel shirts. I have also shared some designs for potential t-shirts and looking to look into other merchandise in the future. Drop me a message on my Facebook page if you would be interested and I will get something sorted.

As previously mentioned, I will be at United Pro Wrestling in Buckie this Saturday as I face off against Michael Chase in a match I am looking forward to and the next Saturday will see me at An Evening of Wrestling for Scott Renwick, which is a show I am also looking forward to, with Scott being a tremendous influence to myself and many wrestlers past and present. I will conclude the month of October by competing at W3L’s 200th event at the Rothes Hall in Glenrothes, where tickets are still available at Until then though, that is the Aldridge Opinion.