Adam’s Top 5…WrestleZone Halloween Hijinx Moments


With WrestleZone hosting the 2017 Halloween Hijinx next Saturday night from the Kincorth Community Centre, I’ve decided to take a look at my 5 top moments from the show’s history!

Honourable mentions;
The debut of Cysto 3 (Halloween Hijinx 2016)
Jeeves Winchester becomes a wrestler (Halloween Hijinx 2014)

5. Bingo Ballance wins the Undisputed Championship (Halloween Hijinx 2012)

Coming in at number 5 is a moment from Halloween Hijinx 2012, as Johnny Lions put his Undisputed Championship up for grabs against Irish sensation Bingo Ballance. After winning the gold in March earlier that year from Bryan Tucker, The Tenacious One managed to hold on to the gold against all-comers, including Scotty Swift, current WWE cruiserweight Noam Dar and JD Sassoon, who you may now know as James Drake from the WWE United Kingdom Title Tournament. Unfortunately for Johnny, his reign ended at 225 days at the hands of The Zenith of Zero-G as Ballance rolled up Lions for the win. Despite winning the gold, Bingo lost the title back to Johnny just three months later, having just one successful defence against Aspen Faith.

4. Crusher Craib earns a match with Richard R. Russell (Halloween Hijinx 2012)

After turning his back on Sterling Oil at the 2012 Regal Rumble, Crusher Craib faced Damien and The Sterling Brothers in a 3 on 1 Handicap Match at that year’s Battle of the Nations and if he won, he would get the chance to face former manager Richard R. Russell at a later date. Unfortunately for him, Russell paid off the referee to screw Crusher out of the match. A rematch was signed for Halloween Hijinx and this time, The Creator of Carnage was victorious thanks to a Big Boot to William Sterling after the intervention of Mr Paterson to stop the corrupt referee. Crusher Craib had earned the right to face Richard R. Russell at Christmas Chaos later that year and fans were delighted.

3. Bryan Tucker wins the Tag Team Championships alone (Halloween Hijinx 2014)

2014 saw a three way rivalry over the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships as the teams of The Granite City Hotshots, The Thunder Buddies and Revolution waged war. After losing the titles to Revolution in a Triple Threat Tornado Match, The Hotshots were granted their rematch at Halloween Hijinx with The Thunder Buddies again in the mix. However, Damien assaulted Shawn Johnson a few weeks before the show and injured his knee in the process. This left Bryan Tucker with three choices;

1. Go in the match alone
2. Find a new partner
3. Forfeit the match

Of course, Tucker chose to go it alone. In the end, a Twist of Fate to Johnny Lions allowed Tucker to pull off an upset and win the Tag Team Titles all on his own.

2. Mr P makes a surprise return (Halloween Hijinx 2013)

At the 2013 Battle of the Nations, “Tenacious” Johnny Lions confronted then-WrestleZone management representative Mr Paterson, angry at not being on the card having been Undisputed Champion two months prior. After an exchange of words, Lions snapped and assaulted Paterson. After being away for the next few weeks, Paterson returned at the 2013 Halloween Hijinx as he entered through the crowd during Lions’ match with Scotty Swift. Having gotten payback on The Tenacious One, a fierce rivalry ensued between the pair over the next few months, with Paterson eventually earning a contract to become an active wrestler.

1. Andy Wild ends Scotty Swift’s record-breaking title reign (Halloween Hijinx 2016)

Heading into last year’s Halloween Hijinx, Scotty Swift was set to defend his Undisputed Championship against “Unstoppable” Andy Wild, who won a 10-man Battle Royal two weeks before to earn the opportunity. Having held the gold since the previous year’s Aberdeen Anarchy, The Red Haired Warrior had defended the title against all-comers with names such as Joe Coffey, Crusher Craib, Damien and even the mighty Super Executioner were unable to take the gold from him. Living up to his nickname, Andy ended Swift’s title reign at a record 525 days following a Wildest Driver. The Englishman had a phenomenal 2016 with a win of the Undisputed Championship being the icing on the cake.

What have been some of your most memorable moments from WrestleZone’s annual spooktacular event? Tickets for this year’s event are available now from