Preview: ICW Road to Fear & Loathing X – Bristol


The Road to Fear & Loathing X tour continues this Sunday as the stars of ICW head to The Motion in Bristol for the second of four tour dates before the big show at The Hydro next month.


BT Gunn vs Bram

The ICW Zero-G Champion BT Gunn will be in non-title action on Sunday as he faces “The King of All Evil” Bram, a man who recently returned from a suspension after battering Ravie Davie at the end of July. The Oddity has had perhaps the best 2017 out of anyone on the current ICW roster, as he came so close to upsetting Pete Dunne to win the WWE United Kingdom Championship, before becoming ICW’s first-ever Triple Crown Champion the next night. Since winning the gold, he’s put on terrific encounters with the likes of Jody Fleisch, Kid Fite and WWE UK star Jordan Devlin. Bram, as mentioned, interrupted the scheme wedding of Ravie Davie and Martina and beat up everyone there, with ICW management suspending him for his actions. After recently making his return, the RUDO Sports and Entertainment Brand client will be looking for a spot at The Hydro while Gunn heads towards his huge main event match with Joe Coffey.


Lionheart vs Zack Gibson

The next match signed for Sunday’s show sees a rematch from ICW’s Eleven, as Lionheart takes on “Liverpool’s No.1” Zack Gibson. With a huge match ahead of him at The Hydro against the one and only Rob Van Dam, The Dugfather has been blasting his way through his opponents, including WWE UK star Joseph Conners and, although in a losing effort, Johnny Moss in what would be Moss’ final ICW appearance. After coming up short against Gibson this past Sunday in Edinburgh for ICW’s eleventh anniversary show, Lionheart will need to step up his game if he hopes to beat The King of Scouse Style this time around. However with a win over one of ICW’s most popular stars, you’d have to imagine that puts Gibson up high for a spot on this year’s Fear & Loathing card.


DCT w/Coach Trip vs Big Grizzly

“The International Sex Hero” DCT will be in action on Sunday against a man making his return to ICW, Big Grizzly. DCT has had quite the year thus far, with a rivalry against Davey Blaze and The Wee Man taking up the majority of his time. With that behind him, everyone’s favourite singlet-wearing man is looking ahead to The Hydro. But blocking his way in Bristol is the colossal Welshman, Big Grizzly. The last we saw of Grizzly was actually in this very venue this past March, where he lost to the sadistic Chris Renfrew. The big man from Wales will be hoping to pick up a victory in his ICW return.


The Filthy Generation (Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray) vs Legion (Mikey Whiplash & Sabryna)

Several tag team matches have also been set for Bristol. The first sees two warring factions collide as The Filthy Generation’s Stevie Boy and the ICW Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray face off against Legion’s Mikey Whiplash and the recently rechristened Sabryna. The Queen of Hardcore recently regained her Women’s Title from Kasey at the start of the month, and you’d have to think that Sabryna will be coming for the gold following the Fear & Loathing Steel Cage Match between KLR, Kasey and Viper. After making a surprise return at Barramania III, The Necromancer interrupted Stevie’s Last Man Standing Match with Chris Renfrew and dragged Renfrew under the ring, later revealing him as the first member of his new Legion. Since then, Whiplash and Stevie have been going at it with The Deity of Defiance picking up the win in a brutal Dog Collar Match at Shug’s Hoose Party. With both men scheduled for a Four Way Deathmatch at Fear & Loathing, they’ll be looking to soften up each other ahead of The Hydro.


Joe Hendry & Leyton Buzzard vs The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels)

The next match sees “The Prestigious One” Joe Hendry teaming with his intern and Bristol’s very own Leyton Buzzard to face the dirtiest tag team in wrestling history, The Kinky Party. After the fans turned on The Local Hero in favour of Lionheart at Shug’s Hoose Party, Hendry decided to bring his prestigious shtick to ICW. Signing the GPWA graduate to be his intern last month in Newcastle, The Prestigious One has gone on to become one of the most hated men in the company. On the opposing side of the ring this Sunday are The Kinky Party. Ahead of their match against The Kings of Catch at Fear & Loathing, Jester and Samuels have a big task ahead of them in the form of the longest-reigning WCPW World Champion and his intern, a prestigious task if you will.


Beano & Brendan White vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)

The Kinky Party’s Fear & Loathing opponents will also be in action on Sunday as The Kings of Catch face off against two of the hottest graduates from Dragon Pro Wrestling, the team of Beano and Brendan White who I know literally nothing about. The KoC on the other hand, I am quite familiar with. Having joined Stevie Boy’s Filthy Generation last month, Aspen and Lewis have adopted Stevie’s ‘#FilthLife’ style. After Jack Jester and Sha Samuels cost them a match against The Purge this past Sunday, The Kings will be looking to get back to winning ways against the DPW stars. Hopefully they bust out the best tag team move in wrestling today, The Apter Burner.


The Marauders (Mike Bird, Wild Boar & Iestyn Rees) vs Kenny Williams & Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey)

The last match signed for Sunday sees a six man tag team match as all three members of The Marauders face Kenny Williams and Bird & Boar’s opponents at The Hydro, Polo Promotions. After Polo and Coffey won a Handicap Match at Shug’s Hoose Party with help from Kenny Williams, among others, they’ve earned themselves a title opportunity at The Hydro. The two Welshmen and big Iestyn Rees have been unstoppable since joining forces, with Bird and Boar hanging on to the titles since February’s 6th Annual Square Go! after winning them from Polo Promotions. With that title match set for next month, we’ve also got Kenny Williams in the match who’s set to face wrestling legend Rey Mysterio next month. The Bollocks says 2017 hasn’t been that good to him (did he forget about the two reigns he had as Zero-G Champion?) but will have the chance to change that against The Master of the 619 next month in Glasgow.

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Announced Matches
BT Gunn vs Bram
Lionheart vs Zack Gibson
DCT w/Coach Trip vs Big Grizzly
The Filthy Generation vs Legion
Joe Hendry & Leyton Buzzard vs The Kinky Party
Beano & Brendan White vs The Kings of Catch
The Marauders vs Kenny Williams & Polo Promotions

Following changes to the card after the preview being published. The updated card is as follows:

Lionheart vs Wolfgang
The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan) vs Brendan White & Beano
The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels) vs Joe Hendry & Leyton Buzzard
The Marauders (Mike Bird, Wild Boar & Iestyn Rees) vs Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) & Kenny Williams
Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray vs Mikey Whiplash & Sabryna
DCT vs Big Grizzly
BT Gunn vs Bram
Mikey Whiplash & Sabryna vs Chris Renfrew & Viper vs Jimmy Havoc & Kasey vs Stevie Boy & Kay Lee Ray