The Aldridge Opinion – Chasing Victory

It had been a while since I had ventured up north. The last time I was there was last year and during my Lucian Maynard Smith days, as W3L ventured up north for its annual Northern Tour. I competed against Nathan Reynolds a lot during that tour, failing to pick up a win against the former W3L Heavyweight Champion but competing in competitively, one of my favourite matches of my career, which took place on the Saturday night in Elgin. Last Saturday saw me compete in Buckie for United Pro Wrestling, which is not far from Elgin and it was good to be up north again.

United Pro Wrestling was the promotion where I first debuted Luke Aldridge. Much to my chagrin, the Aldridge Oddysee did not get off to a winning start, as Alex Webb was lucky to escape the Sociotrap (Full Nelson) and pin my shoulders to the mat with a bridging pin. I was looking to get back to winning ways against Michael Chase, a man that I am familiar with at Reckless Intent Wrestling but someone I had not competed against one-on-one. Michael Chase has had a great 2017, with him being a mainstay on the Reckless Intent and Discovery Wrestling rosters, as well as appearing for the likes of Shield Pro Wrestling, Target Wrestling and returning to ICW in a tag team against Theo Doros as they battled Polo Promotions. This was going to be a competitive bout.

The match was the main event for United Pro Wrestling’s debut in Buckie and it also saw me debut my new entrance music courtesy of South Wales Kings (which can be found at It was the competitive bout I was expecting, as I was looking to end the match with the Border City Stretch, a variation of the Crossface that originates from Windsor, Ontario, Canada and was shown to me by a teacher and influence of mine in Joe E Legend. No fancy name for this hold, it is simply known as the Border City Stretch. Sadly for me, Chase was able to fight out of it and counter my DD6 attempt (a DDT that is six times more effective than a normal DDT, hence the name) with the Cut to the Chase to pick up the win. Chase was the better man in Buckie, but I would not mind a rematch at some point in the future.

This Saturday will see me compete at the Murieston Scout Hall in Livingston, as Reckless Intent Wrestling host ‘An evening of wrestling for Scott Renwick.’ I am very much looking forward to this show, with Scott being another great influence to me. I remember reading about him in early issues of Fighting Spirit Magazine before I embarked on my own journey as a wrestler and found him to be a tremendous guy and locker room leader. He also has a tendency to tell jokes that I personally think are great and have picked up myself over the years. At this show, I will be teaming up with David Devlin in a tag team elimination match featuring Kieran Kelly and Scott McManus (collectively known as The Underdogs), Glen Dunbar and Alex Cavanagh (The Forgotten) and of Stan Kellet and Leon Mercer (The Rogues Gallery). We will be looking to pick up the almighty win on a bill that is turning out to be a cracker and tickets are still available via Until then, that is The Aldridge Opinion.