Wrestler Spotlight: Pollyanna

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at Pollyanna, who is set to appear at the Scott Renwick fundraiser show this Saturday.

Photo credit Ashley Jones | the chaos engineers

Alias – Pollyanna, Pollyanna Peppers, Miss Polly
Nicknames – “The Khaleesi of Chaos”
Companies Wrestled For  – Extreme World Wrestling, World Association of Wrestling, Pro Wrestling: EVE, Pro Evolution Wrestling, Dragon Pro Wrestling, Phoenix Pro Wrestling, Frontier Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling Euskadi, Combat Sports Federation, National Wrestling Alliance United Kingdom Hammerlock, UK Main Event Wrestling, RAD:PRO Wrestling, Welsh Wrestling, New Breed Wrestling Association, Full House Wrestling, Leicester Championship Wrestling Roses, Fight Factory Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling 4U, Great Bear Promotions, PROGRESS Wrestling, British Empire Wrestling, Tidal Championship Wrestling, X Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling Chaos, Revolution Championship Wrestling, Triple X Wrestling, HXC Wrestling, China Nation Wide Wrestling Entertainment, Pro Wrestling Ulster, Plex Wrestling, Reloaded Championship Wrestling Alliance, German Wrestling Federation, Empress Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling ZERO1 Hong Kong, Ultimate Pro Wrestling, Flemish Wrestling Force, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, 4 Front Wrestling, German Stampede Wrestling, Celtic Championship Wrestling, Plymouth Wrestling Association, Ligue Nationale de Catch, Bellatrix Female Warriors, Insane Championship Wrestling, westside Xtreme wrestling, Future Pro Wrestling and Reckless Intent Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments – 
1x IPW: UK Women’s Champion (<1 day)
1x and first ever Plex Wrestling Women’s Champion (480 days)
1x and last GSW Ladies Champion (84 days)
1x All Wales Women’s Champion (length unknown)
Signature Moves – Finish Her (Blackout Driver), Pollinator (Lifting Sitout Pedigree)
Alliances – The Queens of Wrestling w/Katey Harvey, The Lovely Peppers w/Kirsty Love
Social Media – Facebook | Twitter