Pass Me the Book! ICW vs PROGRESS

With WWE’s Survivor Series coming up next month with a Raw vs Smackdown theme, I’ve decided to put a UK twist on it. ICW and PROGRESS are arguably the two biggest promotions in the UK, with essentially completely different rosters. So, how would I book a show with an ICW vs PROGRESS theme? Read on and find out!

Champion vs Champion Match
Joe Coffey (ICW) vs Travis Banks (PROGRESS)

WWE are promoting four Champion vs Champion Matches at Survivor Series, so I’d do the same thing here. First off, the ICW World Heavyweight Champion Joe Coffey vs the PROGRESS World Champion Travis Banks. These two are fantastic against each other and as allies as seen in companies like WCPW. Having them face off would provide us with a fantastic main event, unlike Lesnar/Mahal.

Champion vs Champion Match

The next Champion vs Champion Match would see ICW’s Zero-G Champion BT Gunn facing PROGRESS’ Atlas Champion WALTER. Like with The Miz vs Baron Corbin, the two secondary champions will also face off. The Oddity has been on a roll in 2017 so far, with seemingly no-one able to stop him. Meanwhile, WALTER has had an equally great year with a debut in PWG and also being the second two-time PROGRESS Atlas Champion. Another fantastic match up.

Champions vs Champions Match
The Marauders (Mike Bird & Wild Boar) (ICW) vs CCK (Chris Brookes & Kid Lykos) (PROGRESS)

Next, a battle of the Tag Team Champions as ICW’s The Marauders take on PROGRESS’ CCK. With WWE set to play host to The Shield vs The Usos which will likely steal the show, this could also be a potential match of the night contender. The Welsh tandem of Mike Bird and Wild Boar have been unstoppable since winning the titles and CCK have been lighting the world on fire with their sick f’n tag moves. Yet another dream match.

Champion vs Champion Match
Kay Lee Ray (ICW) vs Toni Storm (PROGRESS)

The last Champion vs Champion Match will see a collision of the Women’s Champions as Kay Lee Ray battles Toni Storm. With both women impressing in WWE’s recent Mae Young Classic, Storm even advancing to the semifinals, we know that these two women are deserving of the titles they have. Alexa Bliss vs Natalya would have nothing on this match.

5 on 5 Elimination Match
Team ICW (Lionheart, Joe Hendry, Kenny Williams, Wolfgang & Chris Renfrew) vs Team PROGRESS (Jimmy Havoc, Mark Haskins, Flash Morgan Webster, Dave Mastiff & El Ligero)

It can’t be a Survivor Series-inspired show without a 5 on 5 Elimination Match. Representing ICW, I would have Lionheart, Joe Hendry, Kenny Williams, Wolfgang and Chris Renfrew, while on the PROGRESS team I would have Jimmy Havoc, Mark Haskins, Flash Morgan Webster, Dave Mastiff and El Ligero. Five of the best on the ICW roster vs five of the best on the PROGRESS roster. With Lionheart and Havoc leading their teams into battle, this match could be all kinds of chaos.

3 on 3 No Holds Barred Elimination Match
The Filthy Generation (Stevie Boy & The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)) (ICW) vs British Strong Style (Pete Dunne & Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)) (PROGRESS)

A second elimination match, this time a 3 on 3 No Holds Barred Elimination Match between The Filthy Generation and British Strong Style. Stevie Boy has been leading The Kings of Catch in ICW and together, they’ve been creating chaos on every show they’re at. Meanwhile, Pete Dunne and Moustache Mountain are three of the most highly-regarded wrestlers on the PROGRESS roster due to their WWE exposure. But like The Filthy Generation, they’re no stranger to causing carnage so a No Holds Barred stipulation would add more to the match.

Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey) (ICW) vs The Grizzled Young Veterans (James Drake & Zack Gibson) (PROGRESS)

Tag team action next with the longest-reigning ICW Tag Team Champions in history Polo Promotions against one of PROGRESS’ newest teams, The Grizzled Young Veterans. While Polo and Coffey have been having a laugh in ICW at the expense of The Marauders, Drake and Gibson have been dismantling their competition in PROGRESS. A fine tag team match add these four to an already fantastic card.

GPWA/PROJO Showcase Match
Team GPWA (Ravie Davie, Leyton Buzzard & The Purge (Stevie James & Krobar)) vs Team PROJO (Jack Sexsmith, Damon Moser, Chuck Mambo & Roy Johnson)

Last match on the show would be a showcase match between the two training schools of the companies as GPWA’s Ravie Davie, Leyton Buzzard and The Purge take on the PROJO’s Jack Sexsmith, Damon Moser, Chuck Mambo and Roy Johnson (almost certain these guys all trained with PROGRESS). All eight men have found success since their graduation, with Johnson even earning a spot as one of the 16 men in WWE’s United Kingdom Championship Tournament. Could see this being a fine opening match to the show.

So, that’s how I would book a show between the rosters of ICW and PROGRESS. What matches would you like to see on a show like this?