Matt Sydal Refuses To Refund Deposit To BCW Following No Show

Photo credit Global Force Wrestling

Current Impact Wrestling and former WWE wrestler Matt Sydal was due to be part of British Championship Wrestling’s No Blood No Sympathy event, appearing as part of a triple threat against Kenny Williams and Stevie Xavier on Night One and against BT Gunn on Night Two in a BCW Heavyweight Championship Match.

Due to “traffic issues” Sydal missed his flight and could not appear.

BCW released the following statement on their Facebook page:

“We have woken up today to an email from Matt Sydal’s agent informing us Matt has missed his flight due to a traffic jam on the way to the airport and therefore is unable to make our shows.

We have spent the past few hours trying to resolve and arrange another flight with no luck .

We’ve had the roughest time with these shows but are still holding our head high and powering through to bring you the best show possable.

We apologise to all our fans from the bottom of our hearts and hope you understand and continue to support us .

We can tell you that Scott Hall is in the UK and is really looking forward to tomorrow nights show.

Thank you

BCW then wrote the following message on Twitter:

“So @findevan gets a deposit for a booking then misses his flight and now thinks he should keep the deposit ?? Saying i can use it towards bringing him in next year. Im not interested so give me my $1200 back and stop being a thief to a genuine honest promoter”

Matt Sydal sent this message to BCW:

Part One
“Dude. A deposit is a deposit. It’s so that you can announce and promote me and sell tickets, which you did. I made every effort reasonable to make the show. I let you know as soon as there was an issue and I never intended to make your life so challenging. I don’t have $ to buy myself a ticket. I tried to work with British Airways but they were no help and neither were you. I would have loved to make the shows and collect my pay days. But you get to keep those. I would apply the deposit towards another show which is what reasonable people do. Which is what happens when this happens. Instead you choose to unprofessionally over react. When you are unreasonable no one wants to work with you. All you had to say is Matt Sydal won’t make the show but he’ll be at our next events, and you would get the benefit of using me to sell tix to all the shows. You wouldn’t need to give me a deposit since
You already did and I HAD offered to help with the flight even though I don’t have to. I’m trying to do right by you but you aren’t making it easy.”

Part Two
“I don’t have the deposit money. You should be a professional and use it towards a future show. Which is the policy everyone else in wrestling would do. And I offered to help with he flight because I felt BAD not because I am obligated to.”

Sydal’s agent also wrote to BCW about the situation:

“I know you wanted Matt to buy a new flight, but so too, if you wanted him there tomorrow, you could have bought the flight too. Its why I gave you the info I research last night looking for the lowest fares. Matt missed the flight due to traffic circumstances beyond his control, honestly & legally were it judged….It was “an act of God”, like bad weather or mechanical issues on a plane. British Air offer no good option when called which is no surprise, and its flights were over $3000 now, cost prohibitive for Matt or you. Best deal was $1333, a flight that leaves Tampa in 15 minutes.

If you had needed Matt there, you could have gotten him there, and so would not have lost all hotel, nor visa, and you’d already paid the fee. It would have been the smart, reasonable, and best business decision, but you decided not to do that. Which is your right. But to tell fans Matt couldn’t get there for Saturday is not really the truth, as he could have been there. You made a decision to not get him there.

I appreciate that you wanted this to work out better. I did too. I’m out $300. Matt did too, and has said he wants to make good on it. Regardless, I returned $300, and you are welcome.

Thank you

William Behrens”

So to sum up:

  • BCW paid Sydal a $1500 deposit
  • Sydal couldn’t appear due to “traffic issues”
  • Sydal couldn’t afford to use any of that deposit to book another flight.
  • BCW requested the deposit returned as Sydal did not appear at the event.
  • Sydal said to use the deposit on a future appearance.
  • BCW requested the deposit returned.
  • Sydal’s agent begrudgingly returned his $300 fee.
  • BCW still out $1200.

Scott Hall appeared as scheduled and ROH star Jonathon Gresham appeared on Night Two as a last minute replacement.

A messy situation, Sydal didn’t provide the service he was paid for therefore should not keep the deposit. It is Sydal’s responsibility to get to his flight on time which he did not. It was his fault and not an “Act of God”. BCW had no obligation to fork out another grand or two to get Sydal over when they have already arranged and paid for flights.

We’ll be watching this develop and hope that Sydal pays back the money owed.