Top 10 Scottish Tag Teams In 2017

It’s not just singles wrestlers that have had a great 2017, tag teams have been on the rise across the country.

This list concentrates on only Scottish wrestling tag teams.

10. The Kinky Party (Jack Jester & Sha Samuels)

The odd couple pairing of ‘Big Kink’ Jack Jester and ‘The East End Butcher’ Sha Samuels has been a joy to watch since they formed in the latter part of the year. Shenanigans aplenty and crowd surfing followed before a big victory over The Kings of Catch at ICW Fear & Loathing X earned them a shot against Polo Promotions for the ICW Tag Team Championships. Though they came up short the team shows plenty of promise and it won’t be long before some titles started coming into their domain.

9. The Purge (Krobar & Stevie James)

The products of the Glasgow Pro Wrestling Asylum have had a solid 2017 with debuts around the country. They have been closely linked with Wolfgang as Bad Company in Rock N Wrestle facing Just Uz and in ICW against The Fite Network. Having defeated teams like Polo Promotions and The Kings of Catch in ICW and dominating at GPWA over the year they will move into 2018 looking to continue that momentum.

8. Games N Gainz (Kevin Williams & Jason Reed)
– Won The W3L Tag Team Championships

The Super Wrestling Entertainment System and The Cheeky One had a great 2016 when they won the W3L Tag Team Championships but the reign didn’t last long and it took them nearly a year to regain the belts again thanks to Jason Reed cashing in his Golden Ticket.

7. Pure Gangster (Prince Asad & Saqib Ali)
– Won The W3L Tag Team Championships

Asad and Ali, along with Donnie T, popped up in ICW trying to secure a booking. Sporadic appearances in Glasgow followed and regular appearances at Rock N Wrestle but over at World Wide Wrestling League they gained the W3L Tag Team Championships, having a lengthy reign before losing to Jonny Storm and Jody Fleisch at Wrestlution XI.

6. Just Uz (BT Gunn & Stevie Boy Xavier)
– Won The RNW Tag Team Championships

It’s not just as singles competitors, BT Gunn and Stevie Boy Xavier have continued their tag team dominance between facing each other in fierce rivalries all over the country. They have had a tremendous streak in Rock N Wrestling and capped it off when they won the inagural Rock N Wrestle Tag Team Championships by defeating The Purge earlier in the year.

5. The Fite Network (Lou King Sharp & Krieger)
– Retained The PBW Tag Team Championships

Surpassing a year as PBW Tag Team Champions, they have turned back many teams to keep a grip on them. The team joined up with their trainer Kid Fite to form The Fite Network in Rock N Wrestle and Insane Championship Wrestling. A lengthy feud with Bad Company in ICW saw the duo become regulars in the company.

4. The Sterling Brothers (William Sterling & Alan Sterling)
– Started The Year As WrestleZone Tag Team Champions
– Won The WrestleZone Tag Team Championships

The Sterling Oil tandem have had a mixed year but held onto the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships into the start of 2017 before trading the belts with The Rejected and feuding over the year. Their WrestleZone record of four tag team championship reigns as a team is not to be sniffed at as they are the standard bearers in the North East.

3. The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago)
– Won The WrestleZone Tag Team Championships Twice

Ending the year with the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships, as mentioned above they traded the titles with The Sterling Brothers over the year. They defeated William and Alan Sterling at The Beach Ballroom to retain the tag team championships in front of over 1000 people which saw the Sterling’s advisor Richard R Russell have his head shaved bald by the duo. After losing the titles back to The Sterling Brothers at Battle of the Nations before regaining them again at Halloween Hijinks. A team that has surprisingly embraced the fans at WrestleZone over the last 12 months and have become very popular in the North East.

2. The Kings of Catch/Filthy Generation (Lewis Girvan & Aspen Faith)

The Kings of Catch formed in Discovery Wrestling earlier in the year as Faith helped Girvan retain the Discovery Wrestling Y Division Championship. As a team they also made an impact in ICW by joining Stevie Xavier and Kay Lee Ray as part of The Filthy Generation. They went onto face The Kinky Party at The SSE Hydro in a losing effort but bounced back by defeating Buffet Club, Polo Promotions and The Young Bucks at Discovery Wrestling in December. It’s their evolution as an amazing team over the last 12 months that has saw them place so high on the list, their Aptner Burner finishing move has caused quite the stir.

1. Polo Promotions (Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey)
– Started The Year As ICW Tag Team Champions
– Won The Target Wrestling Tag Team Championships
– Won The PWE Tag Team Championships
– Won The ICW Tag Team Championships

One of the best tag teams in the UK right now is Polo Promotions. Three tag team titles won during the year in three promotions including a journey to Fear & Loathing X to finally defeat The Marauders and get back the ICW Tag Team Championships. The team continued the year picking up tag team championships heading to PWE and Target Wrestling to get gold. The moved one step further to winning the BCW Tag Team Championships by defeating The King of Catch in a title tournament. A remarkable team and going from strength to strength.

Other notable teams that just missed out include The New Age Kliq, Opera of Silence and High Society all who have had good years. Who are your top 10 tag teams in Scotland for 2017?