12 Reviews of Christmas: WrestleZone Battle of the Nations 2014


On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, WrestleZone Battle of the Nations 2014, WrestleZone Regal Rumble 2015PBW Academy Attack 5WrestleZone Christmas Chaos (Comes Early!)W3L Remedy 2017ICW Fear & Loathing XICW Appetite for Destruction and WrestleZone Battle of the Nations 2015.

WrestleZone made their debut at Aberdeen’s Beach Leisure Centre on Saturday August 30th 2014 for the annual Battle of the Nations event, featuring former WWE superstar Drew Galloway. With Brian Stephenson and Chris McDonald handling commentary duties, we got straight into the first contest of the night, which was a WrestleZone first.

Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team Match for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
Revolution (Damien & Johnny Lions) def. The Granite City Hotshots (Bryan Tucker & Shawn Johnson) (c) and The Thunder Buddies (Blue Thunder & William Sterling) by Pinfall

Kicking things off was The Granite City Hotshots putting their Tag Team Championships on the line in a Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team Match against Revolution and former champs The Thunder Buddies. Revolution attacked The Thunder Buddies before The Hotshots even entered, before the champs raced down to the ring. Shawn and Bryan performed stereo suicide dives on to the other four competitors at ringside. The Hotshots remained in control for a few minutes before Sterling powerbombed Johnson into Tucker in the corner. Revolution took control later on, with their fantastic tag team moves. Shawn Johnson superplexed Damien on to the other four participants at ringside, before Sterling slammed Tucker down on his neck back in the ring. After Blue Thunder knocked Johnson off his feet with a missile dropkick, Johnny Lions took Thunder out of the ring, allowing Damien to pin Shawn and win the tag gold for Revolution.

Red Lightning def. Mr P by Pinfall

The next match saw Red Lightning facing off with former management representative Mr P. After P made a mockery of Lightning in the early going, Red decided that he was heading back to Glasgow to watch The X Factor and went back through the curtain. Mr P followed and dragged Lightning back to the ring, but Lightning took control not long after, choking P on the ropes with every opportunity he got. After regaining the advantage, Mr P dropped Red Lightning with his trademark axe kick but it was only good enough for a two count. As he attempted a backslide, Red Lightning countered with a low blow behind the referee’s back to pick up the three count.

Aspen Faith & Chris Archer w/KT Kane def. Zach Dynamite & Grado by Submission

Tag team action followed as Aspen Faith and Chris Archer, accompanied to ringside by “The Queen of SMASH” KT Kane, faced the team of Zach Dynamite and Grado, who replaced Joe Coffey. Faith and Dynamite had a nice technical exchange early on, backing each other into the corner. When Grado and Chris Archer were tagged in, it was the exact opposite as Grado used his usual antics to make a fool of The Outcast. Grado and Dynamite performed stereo Roll N Slices to Faith and Archer, before Fully Loaded came off the top rope on to both opponents at ringside. After KT Kane dragged Grado out the ring, The King of Catch planted Dynamite with the Faith Buster and locked in a Koji Clutch for the submission victory.

Battle of the Nations Match for the EVOLVE World Championship
Scotland’s Drew Galloway (c) def. England’s Andy Wild by Pinfall

Match number four was the annual Battle of the Nations Match, which saw Scotland’s Drew Galloway going toe to toe with England’s Andy Wild. Before the match, Wild challenged Galloway to put his EVOLVE World Championship on the line, a challenge that was accepted by the fighting champion. The unstoppable Englishman soon found out how destructive Galloway is, but managed to gain control after shoving him shoulder-first into the ring post. The action continued with Wild holding the advantage, even nailing a Wild Cutter for a two count. After kicking out of a backslide, Galloway spiked Wild with a Future Shock DDT to pick up the win and remain the EVOLVE World Champion, while also winning national pride for Scotland. After the match, Galloway got on the mic and thanked the fans for selling out the Beach Leisure Centre. He then talked about what 1314 meant and told the fans that if they have dreams, then they should follow them before heading backstage.

Before the next match, Martyn Clunes introduced Alan Sterling for his coronation, who entered alongside the debuting Jeeves Winchester. After being coronated, Lord Alan invited anyone from the back to come and kiss his knuckle as a sign of respect. Enter Zach Dynamite, who ripped up some of the coronation invites fans had received as they entered the venue. Alan ambushed Dynamite, but Fully Loaded fought back and derobed Alan, sending him stumbling to the backstage area.

Dog Pound Match
If Mr Malice loses, he will never wrestle again
Scotty Swift def. Mr Malice by Pinfall

Another WrestleZone first now, as Scotty Swift faced Mr Malice in a Dog Pound Match with the added stipulation being that if Malice lost, he had promised never to wrestle again. Malice headed up top early on, but was brought back down with a Scotty Swift military press slam. After The Red Haired Warrior introduced a bag of squeaky dog toys, Malice dropped him on them with a Gatecrasher Powerslam for a near fall. A dog cage was brought in later on, where Swift performed a Granite City Driver to Malice, sending him crashing through the cage for the three count. As a result, Malice was retired and was also forced to eat a can of dog food. Malice put a spoonful in his mouth and retreated to the back.

Before we got to our main event, Martyn Clunes introduced the new WrestleZone management representative Chris McDonald. Chris’ first order of business was announcing that WrestleZone would be returning to the Beach Ballroom for Aberdeen Anarchy 2015 on May 23rd.

Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Special Guest Commentator – William Sterling
Crusher Craib def. Jack Jester (c) by Pinfall

Main event time as Crusher Craib got his rematch for Jack Jester’s Undisputed Championship, with William Sterling replacing Chris McDonald on commentary. Both men tore into each other as the match went on, big move after big move. As they went down to ringside, Jester grabbed Thea, shades of Aberdeen Anarchy the previous May. After shoving her aside. Jester took advantage in the ring and went to use his corkscrew on The Creator of Carnage. Thea jumped on the ring apron and was again grabbed by Jester, who kissed her. With the distraction, Crusher dropped the champion with a big boot but it wasn’t enough. A second big boot was enough to put Jester away as Crusher Craib became a two-time Undisputed Champion. Jester went mental at some fans before heading through the curtain.

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Quick Results
Triple Threat Tornado Tag Team Match for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships – Revolution def. The Granite City Hotshots (c) and The Thunder Buddies by Pinfall
Red Lightning def. Mr P by Pinfall
Aspen Faith & Chris Archer w/KT Kane def. Zach Dynamite & Grado by Submission
Battle of the Nations Match for the EVOLVE World Championship – Scotland’s Drew Galloway (c) def. England’s Andy Wild by Pinfall
Dog Pound Match – Scotty Swift def. Mr Malice by Pinfall
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Crusher Craib def. Jack Jester (c) by Pinfall