12 Reviews of Christmas: WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy 2015


On the ninth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy 2015, WrestleZone Battle of the Nations 2014WrestleZone Regal Rumble 2015PBW Academy Attack 5WrestleZone Christmas Chaos (Comes Early!)W3L Remedy 2017ICW Fear & Loathing XICW Appetite for Destruction and WrestleZone Battle of the Nations 2015.

WrestleZone returned to Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom for the third year in a row on Saturday May 23rd 2015 as they presented Aberdeen Anarchy 2015. 1312 fans filled the venue for what was a night to remember. A short video package kicked things off before we headed down to ringside. With Chris McDonald and Brian Stephenson on commentary, Martyn Clunes hyped up the show as we got started with the first match.

Triple Threat Match
Kenny Williams def. Shawn Johnson and Bingo Ballance by Pinfall

Kicking off the action was a fantastic Triple Threat Match between Bingo Ballance, one half of the then-Tag Team Champions Shawn Johnson and the debuting Kenny Williams. The action was as quick as you’d imagine with these three, with The Zenith of Zero-G nailing an over the top rope suicide dive on Kenny early on, followed by a dive off the ropes from Shawn. Back in the ring and it was time for a battle of strikes, where Williams nailed a vicious bicycle knee strike and his signature Clothesline From Hill Valley. With Bingo and Shawn the only ones in the ring, the Irishman downed the tag team specialist and nailed a frog splash but Kenny tossed Bingo from the ring and took the pin for himself.

The cameras went backstage where Kenny was gloating about winning. They then cut to Shawn Johnson, who looked into the camera and left, not saying a word.

Len Ironside & Hardcore Holly def. Aspen Faith & Johnny Lions w/Sammii Jayne by Pinfall

The next match saw the first of the international guests in action as Hardcore Holly teamed with World of Sport legend Len Ironside to face Aspen Faith and Johnny Lions with Sammii Jayne in their corner. Holly lit up the chest of The Tenacious One early on before it was Aspen’s turn. After the former WWE star was tripped up at ringside by Sammii, it allowed Faith and Lions to take control, nailing suplex after suplex on Holly. After Hardcore regained control, Len was tagged back in and tossed The King of Catch around the ring before leaping off the ropes with a diving crossbody for the three count. In his last ever match, the British wrestling legend was able to regain the British Empire and Commonwealth Middleweight Championship.

The cameras again went backstage, this time to Aspen Faith, Johnny Lions and Sammii Jayne. Aspen had a reply to all the fans that said bye to him on his way backstage, saying that unlike Len, he would be at the next show.

Jack Jester def. Bryan Tucker by Pinfall

The first singles match of the night was next, as Jack Jester faced the other half of the Tag Team Champions in Bryan Tucker. Jester was in control for the majority of the contest, just toying with Tucker and beating him around. As they went out to ringside, it looked like Tucker finally had the advantage only for the demonic former Undisputed Champion to beat him around again. Bryan again found an escape in the ring and headed to the top rope, only for Jack to superplex him back down for a near fall. Tucker looked set to hit his knee lift/neckbreaker combo, but Jester countered it into a Tombstone Piledriver for the three count. Jester went into the crowd afterwards and chased some kids around before heading to the stage. As Tucker got back to his feet, Jester applauded him before heading back through the curtain.

Lou King Sharp & The Dogs of War (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) def. D-Von Dudley & The Thunder Buddies (Blue Thunder & William Sterling) by Pinfall

The penultimate match of the night saw a six man tag team match as Lou King Sharp and The Dogs of War faced multi-time tag team champion D-Von Dudley and The Thunder Buddies. Sharp threw a tantrum when he couldn’t lift Dudley off his feet, with the TNA Hall of Famer slamming LKS to the mat. After Blue Thunder was tagged in, Sharp, Archer and Vago took control and isolated him in their corner. After a failed attempt at a Sharp Splash, D-Von was tagged back in and crushed Archer in the corner before Thunder came back in. After a slight brawl, Thunder was rolled up for the win by Archer. Following the match, D-Von and The Thunder Buddies kept Archer in the corner, allowing Dudley to slam him through a table to the biggest of ovations. D-Von then got on the mic to talk about the next chapter in the career of The Dudley Boyz which, as we saw a few months later, saw them return to WWE.

Revolution Rules Match
Crusher Craib def. Damien by Pinfall

After a small interval, we came back to a fantastic video package for the next match, which was Damien taking on Crusher Craib in the first ever Revolution Rules Match. As Martyn Clunes attempted to introduce the match, his mic was cut off and a video appeared on the screens. Enter Damien, accompanied by two revolutionaries who carried bins of weapons to the ring. Damien slapped Crusher across the face right off the bat, a move he would later regret as The Creator of Carnage brutalised him in the early going. Damien took control and performed a nasty sunset flip powerbomb from the top rope to slam Crusher through two steel chairs that had been set up early on. The Revolutionary continued his focus on Crusher’s head with several knee strikes, a superkick, a flying Codebreaker and a vicious unprotected chair shot to the head. After taking control, Crusher slammed Damien on a pile of weapons before a big boot was enough for the victory. Crusher stumbled up the stairs clutching his head, with Martyn Clunes later announcing he had been taken to hospital with a concussion.

Handicap Match
Mr P, Grado & Chris Masters def. Lord Alan’s Court (Lord Alan Sterling, Sir Andrew Wilde, Jeeves Winchester & Mr Malice) by Submission

The penultimate match of the night saw Mr P, Grado and the third of the guests in “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters facing Lord Alan’s Court, with Sir Andrew Wilde being a surprise addition to make it a 4 on 3 Handicap Match. Grado was in fine form here, with his usual shenanigans being a delight to see against the likes of Mr Malice and Jeeves Winchester. Nothing too special to note here, until both Grado and Chris Masters performed a Roll N Slice to Alan, Andrew and Malice stacked in the corner. Three Masterlock’s later and Mr P’s team were victorious. A dance off ended their time in the ring for the night.

Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Scotty Swift def. Joe Coffey (c) by Pinfall

Main event time, as another video package played before Scotty Swift came through the curtain with two of his biggest fans as flag bearers. Shortly after the bell rang, Joe Coffey missed a Fall From Nebula and appeared to injure his knee as he was helped backstage. Revealing it to be a ruse, The Iron Man burst back through the curtain and attacked The Red Haired Warrior. Coffey focused his attack on Swift’s knee, slamming it against the ring post. After Coffey kicked out of the Granite City Driver and Swift kicked out of the discus lariat after referee Dennis Law was accidentally taken out, they performed each other’s finishers for near falls. A second Granite City Driver was enough for Scotty Swift to finally achieve his dream of becoming the Undisputed WrestleZone Champion. His celebration was short-lived however, as he was attacked by Damien and Lord Alan Sterling. The Thunder Buddies appeared, only for William Sterling to clothesline Blue Thunder and assist Damien and his brother with their assault. They removed their jackets to reveal Sterling Oil shirts before they were chased off by Shawn Johnson, Bingo Ballance and Mr P. A great scene to end the night, unless your Scotty Swift and Blue Thunder of course.

The 2-disc DVD set can be bought from WrestleZone events and from their online store, priced at £10.

Quick Results
Triple Threat Match – Kenny Williams def. Shawn Johnson and Bingo Ballance by Pinfall
Len Ironside & Hardcore Holly def. Aspen Faith & Johnny Lions w/Sammii Jayne by Pinfall
Jack Jester def. Bryan Tucker by Pinfall
Lou King Sharp & The Dogs of War def. D-Von Dudley & The Thunder Buddies by Pinfall
Revolution Rules Match – Crusher Craib def. Damien by Pinfall
Handicap Match – Mr P, Grado & Chris Masters def. Lord Alan’s Court by Submission
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Scotty Swift def. Joe Coffey (c) by Pinfall