12 Reviews of Christmas: WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy 2013

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy 2013, ICW 5th Annual Square Go! MatchWrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy 2015WrestleZone Battle of the Nations 2014WrestleZone Regal Rumble 2015PBW Academy Attack 5WrestleZone Christmas Chaos (Comes Early!)W3L Remedy 2017ICW Fear & Loathing XICW Appetite for Destruction and WrestleZone Battle of the Nations 2015.

To celebrate their fifth anniversary, WrestleZone made their first venture to the historic Aberdeen Beach Ballroom for a huge supershow known as Aberdeen Anarchy. With 1103 fans in the audience and former WWE stars “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and “The Bad Ass” Billy Gunn in attendance, Martyn Clunes sent things straight into the opening match and what a match it was!

Bingo Ballance def. Stevie Xavier by Pinfall

Kicking us off was a singles bout between Bingo Ballance and Stevie Xavier. The two traded rollups to kick it off before the risk-taking dives began, as The Zenith of Zero-G performed a huge over the top rope suicide dive on Xavier. Back in the ring, Stevie performed an impressive split-legged moonsault and a forward flip wheelbarrow facebuster for near falls. The charismatic Irishman fought back with a spinout facebuster and a springboard roundhouse kick, but it wasn’t until he nailed the G17 to pick up the win in the opening match of the first Aberdeen Anarchy.

Scotty Swift & Ross McTavish def. The Sterling Brothers (Alan Sterling & William Sterling) w/Mr Malice by Submission

Up next was a tag team match as The Sterling Brothers, accompanied by their bodyguard Mr Malice, fought the team of Scotty Swift and Evening Express journalist Ross McTavish. McTavish downed William early on with a kneebar that almost got a win in the first few minutes. Alan and William soon isolated the MMA expert before Ross was able to tag in The Red Haired Warrior. Swift took out both Sterling Brothers with a suicide dive. With Ross distracted in the ring, Mr Malice attacked him from behind but soon found himself tapping out to a triangle choke. As Alan came back in the ring, he tapped out to an armbar as Swift and McTavish picked up the win.

Damien def. Zach Dynamite by Pinfall

Another singles match next as Sterling Oil’s Damien faced Zach Dynamite. Fully Loaded was in the early lead, but Damien took control not long after. After nailing a stiff kick to the chest of Dynamite and a running knee to the back of the head, The Revolutionary was unable to pick up the win. Dynamite managed to knock Damien off the ropes and connect with a frog splash for a near fall. As the pair traded nearfalls, Damien sat down on Dynamite and grabbed the ropes for the cheap win.

Jim Duggan & The Granite City Hotshots (Shawn Johnson & Bryan Tucker) def. Aspen Faith, James Midas & Scott Maverick w/Crystal Rose by Pinfall

A six man tag team match rounded off the first half as then-Tag Team Champions The Granite City Hotshots teamed with WWE Hall of Famer “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan to face the team of Aspen Faith, the best wrestler in WrestleZone history James Midas and Scott Maverick with Crystal Rose in their corner. Duggan dominated The Hippie Horror in the early going, but a distraction allowed Aspen’s team to fight back after Shawn Johnson was tagged in. Faith, Midas and Maverick dominated Johnson but a miscommunication by the soon-to-be-called Team SMASH allowed Hacksaw to be tagged back in and he went to town on his opponents. A huge clothesline to Aspen allowed him to pick up the win for his team as he celebrated with Johnson and Tucker.

Billy Gunn def. Rob Cage by Pinfall

As we went into the second half, Rob Cage went toe to toe with WWE legend “The Bad Ass” Billy Gunn. Before the match, Gunn called Cage a sheep shagger before planting a kiss on longtime WrestleZone fan Sheila. As the match properly got underway, Cage was in control, taking his time to wear down the former DX member. As the match progressed, it wasn’t long before The Bad Ass took over with a beautiful headlock driver before a Famouser got him the three count. Gunn gave Sheila another kiss after the match as he thanked the fans for being so vocal.

Lumberjill Match
Kay Lee Ray def. Carmel Jacob by Pinfall

Members of The Granite City Roller Girls surrounded the ring for the next as Kay Lee Ray faced Carmel Jacob in a Lumberjill Match. Carmel attempted to head backstage early on but was stopped and pushed back in the ring by the lumberjills. Late into the match, Kay Lee Ray dropped Carmel with a Gory Bomb for a near fall before Carmel spiked KLR into the mat with a Detonator for a two count of her own. A second Gory Bomb and a Swanton Bomb allowed KLR to pick up the win.

Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Special Guest Ringside Enforcer – Len Ironside
Crusher Craib def. Johnny Lions (c) w/Sterling Oil (Richard R. Russell, William Sterling, Damien & Mr Malice) by Pinfall

Main event time as “Tenacious” Johnny Lions put his Undisputed Championship on the line against 2013 Regal Rumble winner Crusher Craib with British wrestling legend Len Ironside as the ringside enforcer. Before the match, Martyn Clunes was informed by both Ironside and referee Mikey Innes that if Sterling Oil, with the exception of Richard R. Russell, didn’t leave ringside then Lions would be stripped of the title. Crusher was in control in the early going, performing several stiff chops to Johnny’s chest. The Tenacious One then focused his attack on the leg of The Creator of Carnage, performing a big missile dropkick to his leg and slamming it against the ring post. Later on, Crusher knocked over Mikey Innes with a big boot. Mr Malice and William Sterling returned to ringside but were taken out by Len Ironside. The distraction allowed Damien to run in from the crowd and superkick Crusher. With no referee in sight, Richard R. Russell got in the ring and revealed a ref shirt. As he counted to two, Len pulled him from the ring and took over the match. After countering a Lion Cutter, Crusher performed a big boot for the three count to begin his first reign as the Undisputed Champion.

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Quick Results
Bingo Ballance def. Stevie Xavier by Pinfall
Scotty Swift & Ross McTavish def. The Sterling Brothers w/Mr Malice by Submission
Damien def. Zach Dynamite by Pinfall
Jim Duggan & The Granite City Hotshots def. Aspen Faith, James Midas & Scott Maverick w/Crystal Rose by Pinfall
Billy Gunn def. Rob Cage by Pinfall
Lumberjill Match – Kay Lee Ray def. Carmel Jacob by Pinfall
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Crusher Craib def. Johnny Lions (c) w/Sterling Oil by Pinfall