Adam’s Top 10…Matches in 2017


2017 saw many fantastic matches around the world. NXT putting on Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate, the epic NJPW trilogy between Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada, the fantastic collisions featuring the likes of Will Ospreay, Mike Bailey and Rey Mysterio from Defiant Wrestling’s Pro Wrestling World Cup, the recent War Games Match from NXT. But what about some of the great matches here in Scotland? Let’s take a look at 10 of them!

Honourable mentions;
Mike Bailey vs El Ligero (Defiant Wrestling The Prestige Presents Hendrymania 05/27/17)
ICW World Heavyweight Championship: Wolfgang (c) vs Trent Seven (ICW The 6th Annual Square Go! 02/05/17)
Unsanctioned Match: Joe Hendry vs Lionheart (ICW Shug’s Hoose Party 4 Night 1 07/29/17)
Triple Threat Match for the ICW Zero-G Championship: BT Gunn (c) vs Stevie Boy vs Wolfgang (ICW Fight Club Tapings 13/08/17)
Matt Riddle vs Mikey Whiplash (Source Wrestling Live in Shawlands 09/15/17)
Y Division Championship: Lewis Girvan (c) vs Joe Coffey (Discovery Wrestling Live in Edinburgh 03/05/17)
Lewis Girvan vs Tyler Bate (ICW Fight Club Tapings 03/19/17)
WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship Tournament Semifinals: Aspen Faith vs Bingo Ballance (WrestleZone Regal Rumble 03/18/17)
Save Pro Wrestling Rules Match for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship: Joe Coffey (c) vs Kassius Ohno (The Infamous ICW 09/17/17)
WrestleZone Tri-Counties Championship: Aspen Faith (c) vs Zach Dynamite (WrestleZone Live in Huntly 11/11/17)
Y Division Championship: Joe Coffey (c) vs Matt Riddle (Discovery Wrestling Uncivil War 11/04/17)
Christmas Brawl for the WrestleZone Tag Team Championships: The Sterling Brothers (Alan Sterling & William Sterling) (c) vs The Rejected (Chris Archer & Mikkey Vago) (WrestleZone Christmas Chaos 12/02/17)
Matt Riddle vs Dave Conrad (Discovery Wrestling Year Three 09/16/17)

10. ICW Zero-G Championship: Kenny Williams (c) vs Ricochet (ICW 6th Annual Square Go! 02/05/17)

Kicking us off, we head back to the 6th Annual Square Go! from February as Kenny Williams put his Zero-G Championship on the line against Ricochet. The action was all over the place in this match as the two high-flyers went at it. The Future of Flight planted The Bollocks with a northern lights suplex, before floating over into a deadlift brainbuster. After Kenny’s trademark springboard back elbow wasn’t enough, Ricochet performed The Benadryller but the champion somehow kicked out. As the American wrestling sensation attempted The Vertigo, Kenny countered it into a victory roll for the three count to remain Zero-G Champion. The two men raised each other’s arm after the match as the fans chanted ‘one more time’. Still waiting for the rematch.

9. 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the Y Division Championship: Lewis Girvan (c) vs Joe Coffey (Discovery Wrestling Year Three 09/16/17)

The main event of Discovery Wrestling three year anniversary show saw Lewis Girvan put his Y Division Championship on the line against Joe Coffey in Disco’s first ever 2 out of 3 Falls Match. After a pretty good first two falls, won by Girvan then Coffey, the action properly picked up in the third fall. After the referee was accidentally taken out, Coffey had the match one after a discus lariat. As a second referee ran out, he was attacked from behind by Lewis’ tag partner Aspen Faith. The Kings of Catch beat down on Coffey with a Superkick Party before drilling him into the mat with an Apter Burner but somehow The Iron Man was able to kick out. Coffey locked Girvan in the No Mercy, but Aspen pulled the third referee from the ring just as Girvan tapped out. Aspen was ejected from ringside, before Coffey again put Girvan in the No Mercy and stomped relentlessly on the back of his head, forcing Mr Discovery Wrestling to tap out and end his record-breaking reign at 666 days. A tremendous way to round off Discovery’s monumental event.

Skip to 2:11:12 of the video below;

8. Undisputed WrestleZone Championship: Shawn Johnson (c) vs Damien (WrestleZone Halloween Hijinx 10/28/17)

The main event of this year’s Halloween Hijinx saw former Sterling Oil allies collide as Damien challenged Shawn Johnson for his Undisputed Championship. After The Sterling Brothers were ejected from ringside early on, it evened the playing field, with the exception of Sterling Oil strategist Richard R. Russell in Johnson’s corner. The Revolutionary was almost disqualified in the bout for relentlessly pounding away at the head of the champion, before referee Dennis Law was taken out. This allowed Crusher Craib to enter and chokeslam Damien on the ring apron but it still wasn’t enough for a title retention. In the end, Damien caught Shawn mid-air with a flying Codebreaker to become a two-time Undisputed Champion as the fans erupted in excitement. Take a look at the ending of the match below;

7. Triple Threat Match: Marty Scurll vs Will Ospreay vs Matt Riddle (Defiant Wrestling Pro Wrestling World Cup: Scottish Qualifiers 03/23/17)

The action came thick and fast in this Triple Threat main event. Marty Scurll nearly broke the neck of Matt Riddle during the contest thanks to a pumphandle neckbreaker across the knee, then dropped him on his head once again with a piledriver. “The Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay came out of nowhere and took both opponents down with a double handspring Pele kick. Towards the end, Ospreay’s valet and then Women’s Champion Bea Priestley got involved as she pulled the referee out the ring to avoid Ospreay being defeated from a Matt Riddle tombstone piledriver. With Riddle and Scurll seemingly both distracted, Ospreay came charging in for a suicide dive but ended up taking out Priestley by mistake. Scurll made Ospreay tap out in the middle of the ring with a crossface chickenwing to be declared the winner on what turned out to be a fantastic show all around.

6. Fatal Four Way Ladder Match to crown the inaugural WrestleZone Tri-Counties Champion: Aspen Faith vs Bingo Ballance vs Bryan Tucker vs Zach Dynamite (WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy 06/17/17)

After the tournament semifinals failed to play out how WrestleZone management wanted them to, they placed the final four in a Ladder Match at Aberdeen Anarchy to crown their first ever Tri-Counties Champion. Aspen Faith, Bingo Ballance, Bryan Tucker and Zach Dynamite put their bodies on the line in a bid to become the inaugural champion. Several high risk moments took place throughout the contest, including Dynamite landing face-first on a ladder after being launched over the top rope, Tucker nailing a Twist of Fate off a ladder and Dynamite performing a huge somersault off a ladder and onto the other three competitors below. With Tucker stuck in a tree of woe in the corner and Ballance trapped under a ladder, Faith and Dynamite both climbed the ladder to grab the belt. The King of Catch snapped the fingers of Fully Loaded before pulling the title down to make history at the Beach Ballroom.

5. Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Semifinals: Aspen Faith vs Chris Ridgeway (Discovery Wrestling Year Three 09/16/17)

In the first of two semifinals for the Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitationals, “The King of Catch” Aspen Faith went one on one with “Smashmouth” Chris Ridgeway. These two used their technical expertise to outsmart one another, with Ridgeway handstanding to get out of a headscissors. It wasn’t just technical holds they used however, as they also destroyed each other with stiff strikes, with Aspen nailing a brutal forearm to the back of the head and Ridgeway performing a penalty kick. After Smashmouth kicked out of a Tombstone Piledriver, a Tombstone Thunderbird allowed The King of Catch to advance to the finals of the tournament.

Skip to 31:48 of the video below;

4. Winner Takes All Match for the ICW World Heavyweight and Zero-G Championships: Joe Coffey vs BT Gunn (ICW Fear & Loathing X 11/19/17)

The main event of this year’s Fear & Loathing event saw World Heavyweight Champion Joe Coffey taking on Zero-G Champion BT Gunn to determine the first ever Undisputed ICW Champion. Throughout all the intense action, there were several memorable moments. Coffey became the first man to kick out of the Techno Drome DDT while Gunn took several discus lariats to the throat. After laying out referee Thomas Kearins with a German suplex, Coffey connected with another discus lariat as Red Lightning entered the ring. He grabbed the lifeless hand of Kearins and slammed it to the mat for a two count before The Oddity got his shoulder up. Two men in BT Gunn outfits appeared in the ring after the lights went out and, along with the real one, delivered a triple superkick to Coffey before he was locked in a crossface. The two additional Oddities superkicked Lightning before Coffey tapped out to crown BT Gunn the first ever Undisputed ICW Champion as the crowd came unglued. Check out the ending of the match below;

3. Fatal Four Way Match for the WWE United Kingdom Championship: Pete Dunne (c) vs BT Gunn vs Trent Seven vs Wolfgang (ICW Shug’s Hoose Party 4 Night 1 07/29/17)

In a groundbreaking moment for Scottish wrestling, WWE allowed their United Kingdom Championship to be defended at an ICW show as Pete Dunne put the gold on the line on night 1 of Shug’s Hoose Party 4 against BT Gunn, Trent Seven and Wolfgang. Each man gave it all they had in an effort to walk away with the UK Title. Seven laid out both Wolfgang and Gunn at the same time with a double half nelson suplex and then spiked Wolfgang into the mat with a Seventh Heaven piledriver off the top. After The Oddity disposed of Seven and Wolfgang following a double Gunnshot, he was dropped on his face with a Bitter End that allowed The Bruiserweight to remain the WWE United Kingdom Champion. All four men took part in a Triple H water spit after the incredible match.

2. Tyler Bate vs Damien (WrestleZone Battle of the Nations 09/09/17)

After WrestleZone management announced that then-Sterling Oil member Damien would be facing the first ever WWE United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate at their annual Battle of the Nations event in September, it came as a major surprise given The Revolutionary’s ongoing losing streak. What didn’t come as a surprise however was how much effort Damien (and Tyler) put into the match. Both men used hard-hitting strikes to knock each other senseless, with Damien also executing an impressive sitout spinebuster. After catching Damien mid-air, Bate sent the Sterling Oil member into the corner with a buckle bomb before dropping him with a Tyler Driver ’97 for the win. The fans showed their appreciation for both men after the match as they shook hands. This wouldn’t be the last we saw of Damien that night…

1. Fatal Four Way Deathmatch to crown The King of Insanity: Stevie Boy vs Mikey Whiplash vs Chris Renfrew vs Jimmy Havoc (ICW Fear & Loathing X 11/19/17)

This was quite possibly the craziest and most barbaric match in Scottish wrestling history. Stevie Boy, Mikey Whiplash, Chris Renfrew and Jimmy Havoc competed in a Deathmatch at this year’s Fear & Loathing event, with the winner earning the right to call themselves The King of Insanity. If this match proved anything, it’s that each of these men will do anything to get the job done. Barbed wire boards, thumbtacks, wooden crosses covered with carpet grippers, staple guns and cinderblocks were just some of the weapons used to inflict pain. In the end, Stevie Boy took Mikey Whiplash off the top of a ladder and through a table below with a Glasgow Destroyer to pick up the win, which came after he tied Jimmy Havoc’s hands to the ropes and after putting Chris Renfrew through the top of the stage. Check out some of the crazy highlights below;

2018 has already been a great year for in-ring action, with NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 12 event providing several match of the year contenders (how about that epic Four Way?) and PROGRESS putting on a colossal collision between WALTER and Timothy Thatcher later this month. Here’s just some of the incredible matches we have lined up for early 2018 right here in Scotland;

Discovery Wrestling – CCK vs The Kings of Catch, BT Gunn vs Chris Ridgeway and Joe Coffey vs Zack Sabre Jr.
WrestleZone – Damien vs Shawn Johnson and Zach Dynamite vs Aspen Faith
ICW – DCT vs Joseph Conners, Mikey Whiplash vs Jordan Devlin and BT Gunn vs Bram
SWA – Joe Coffey vs Jack Jester vs Bram and Sha Samuels vs Lionheart

What matches did you enjoy from 2017? Are there any matches you hope to see in 2018?