Wrestler Spotlight: The Headbanders

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at The Headbanders, who are both set to return to Discovery Wrestling next week as they enter The Disco Derby!

Photo credit David J Wilson

Alias – Jackie Grady
Nicknames – “Wacky”
Companies Wrestled For  –
Reckless Intent Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, Pride Wrestling, Source Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling, United Pro Wrestling and RAD:PRO Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments – 
1x Reckless Intent Heavyweight Champion
2x Reckless Intent Hardcore Champion
1x Reckless Intent UK Champion
Signature Moves – No Place Like Home (Cravate Neckbreaker), Cheers Love! (Eat Defeat), Belinda Buster (Wheelbarrow Facebuster/Cutter Combo w/Rob Mills/Ayesha Ray)
Alliances – The Headbanders w/Rob Mills & Ayesha Ray, The O’Malley Empire w/Jam O’Malley, Damian O’Connor, Massimo, Darkside, Glen Dunbar, David Devlin, Dave Conrad, Wee Jimmy, MATT DALY, Alex Cavanagh & Scott McManus
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Alias – Rob Mills
Nicknames – N/A
Companies Wrestled For  – Reckless Intent Wrestling, Source Wrestling, United Pro Wrestling and Discovery Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments – 
5x Reckless Intent Hardcore Champion
Signature Moves – Off With His Head (Whiplash Neckbreaker), Sullybreaker (Enzuigiri), Arm-Trapped Neckbreaker, Belinda Buster (Wheelbarrow Facebuster/Cutter Combo w/Jackie Grady/Ayesha Ray)
Alliances – The Headbanders w/Jackie Grady & Ayesha Ray
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