Wrestler Spotlight: Shady Nattrass

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at Shady Nattrass, who is set to enter The Disco Derby this Friday night.

Photo credit Sophie Jardine

Alias – Shady Nattrass, Shady
Nicknames – “The Franchise Player”
Companies Wrestled For – All Star Wrestling, Wrestle Zone Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Alliance, FutureShock Wrestling, World Association of Wrestling, FWA Academy, Triple Team Promotions, Premier British Wrestling, British Championship Wrestling, RAD:PRO Wrestling, Target Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling and Discovery Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments –
1x and only TTP Champion
2x Target Wrestling Champion
1x Target Wrestling High Octane Division Champion
1x Target Wrestling Tag Team Champion w/CJ Banks
Signature Moves – Cutter, Rolling Cutter, Snap Northern Lights Bomb
Alliances – The Nattrass Dynasty w/XL Nattrass & B Nattrass, The Nattrass Boys w/J Nattrass & XL Nattrass, w/CJ Banks
Social Media – Facebook | Twitter