Adam’s Top 5…WrestleZone Summerhill Showdown 2018 Talking Points

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WrestleZone presented the 2018 Summerhill Showdown this past Saturday from the Summerhill Hotel in Aberdeen. Heading in to the show, there were several talking points. But coming out, there were even more.

5. Back to the ’80s

“The Queen of WrestleZone” Sammii Jayne faced a new challenge to her throne at the Summerhill Hotel in the form of WrestleZone debutant, “The Throwback to the ’80s” Leah Owens. Having defeated Leah’s sister Kasey at last month’s Christmas Chaos event, Sammii saw no reason why she wouldn’t be able to defeat Leah, with critics repeatedly classing Kasey as the ‘better’ sister. With this being my first proper chance at seeing Leah in action, I can’t see how anyone can say one Owens twin is better than the other. They’re both fantastic. Another thing they have in common is losing to Sammii Jayne, with Leah submitting to a bridging armbar. With Sammii having wins in a WrestleZone ring over the likes of Viper, Debbie Sharpe and both members of The Owens Twins, is there anyone that can beat her?

4. Dynamite Explodes

Following the loss of his Tri-Counties Championship to former and inaugural champion Aspen Faith in the evening’s opening contest, Zach Dynamite exploded and assaulted his now-former friend Bradley Evans, shocking everyone in attendance. Beating down on the WrestleZone Training Academy graduate, Dynamite blamed Evans for the loss and told the fans that he never needed them. It’ll be interesting to see where this new attitude takes Dynamite in the future. With the Regal Rumble just around the corner, could he be one of the favourites to win the whole thing?

3. Swift Snaps

Making his return to in-ring competition on the night was former two-time and longest reigning Undisputed Champion Scotty Swift. The Red Haired Warrior was facing off with the man that put him on the shelf, Sterling Oil’s monster Crusher Craib. Swift and Craib wasted no time in laying into one another, with the match resembling more of a fight. After failing to pick up the win with a Black Hole Slam, Crusher grabbed a steel chair but Swift dodged and took the chair for himself. In a move we don’t often see from the perennial fan favourite, Swift used the chair on Crusher, resulting in him being disqualified. This rivalry is far from over.

2. The First, The Two-Time, The King

The opening match saw “Fully Loaded” Zach Dynamite putting his Tri-Counties Championship on the line against former champ “The King of Catch” Aspen Faith, with Bradley Evans and Sammii Jayne in their respective corners. Both men used some blistering strikes to knock each other senseless. With Dynamite in control as the match passed the 5 minute mark, he climbed up top but was distracted by Sammii Jayne. This allowed Aspen to crotch Dynamite on the ropes before spiking him on his head with a piledriver to regain the Tri-Counties Championship.

1. A Sterling Night

In the main event, Damien put his Undisputed Championship on the line against the man he beat to win the title, Shawn Johnson. Right off the bat, Richard R. Russell told The Sterling Brothers to head to the back so that Shawn could get the job done on his own. Throughout the contest, Shawn kept telling Richard to stop getting involved because he wanted to prove that he could do it himself and even shared a handshake with Damien, which got me thinking that Shawn could’ve maybe been on the verge of leaving Sterling Oil. Towards the end of the bout, Russell got in the ring to prevent Damien from picking up the three count. With Shawn arguing with the referee, Russell low blowed Damien which allowed Shawn to get the three count to become the new Undisputed Champion. Russell had a plan in mind and it worked, as the Undisputed Championship is once again in the hands of Sterling Oil.

WrestleZone’s next event is on February 3rd from Newtonhill’s Bettridge Centre. Tickets to that show are available from