Five Picks to Win the Reckless Intent Tag Team Championships

At the most recent Sunday Slam Wrestling event, Reckless Intent General Manager Scott Renwick announced that the Slam Championship was to be retired to make way for the Reckless Intent Tag Team Championships. In the past we’ve seen big teams like Polo Promotions and The New Age Kliq come through but right now there are five regular teams in Reckless Intent Wrestling who will surely have earned themselves a chance to become the inagural tag team champions. So let’s take a look at them:

5. Bear & Beers (Jam O’Malley & Jarek Nowak)

The odd couple pairing of ‘Handsome’ Jam and ‘The Best Polish Wrestler in Reckless Intent’ Jarek Nowak have recently formed, with their common traits being having their eyes set on Divinity. Both former Ri Hardcore Champions, the experience and unorthodox nature of O’Malley coupled with the raw youth and excuberance of Nowak could give this team some legs if there is a tournament set up.

4. Divinity (Justin Deed & Brandon Adams)

Adams and Deed have ran roughshod over Reckless Intent, making plenty of enemies. Being alligned with the RI UK Champion Delsin Dayre hasn’t done them any favours as the trio have made the numbers count more often than not. A team that is out to spread their message by any means necessary which has included sneak attacks and nefarious means. A deadly team to look out for.

3. High Society (Luke Aldridge & David Devlin)

The ‘Paul Tracey Guys’ Aldridge and Devlin are two that aren’t there to mess around. Two rough, no nonsense individuals who are there to win. Aldridge is an experienced tag team wrestler, holding tag team titles in SWE and W3L in the past in previous forms. Devlin has had a good run in Reckless Intent, picking up the Slam Championship and Hardcore Championship during his tenure, Aldridge has also nabbed the Hardcore Championship for a few moments so the taste of gold will be lingering.

2. Age of Orion (Theo Doros & Michael Chase)

A super team in Reckless Intent with plenty of championships in their collective cabinet. Doros and Chase have travelled up North to UPW as a team and across to ICW, so they’ve had quite a bit of match time together in different enviroments. They won a recent tag team round robin tournament in Reckless Intent which might give them a little bit of an edge as they defeated Divinity and the makeshift Headbander team of Rob Mills and Ayesha Raymond in one night. A very strong team, both possessing blistering speed and power.

1. The Headbanders (Jackie Grady & Rob Mills)

The most experienced team, as a team, in this list. Grady and Mills are…unique. Quite flamboyant and often underrated but by the power of Belinda Carlisle they want the same thing and if they gain some momentum heaven will be a place on Earth for the charismatic duo.

Who do you think will be the first Reckless Intent Tag Team Champions?

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