Pass Me The Book! Damien’s Redemption


Photo credit Brianbat Photography

After finally winning the Undisputed Championship from former Sterling Oil ally Shawn Johnson back at October’s Halloween Hijinx event, Damien was finally on top of WrestleZone. Following successful defences against Nathan North, Andy Wild and Crusher Craib, The Revolutionary lost the gold back to Johnson at last month’s Summerhill Showdown event, but only after a low blow from Sterling Oil strategist Richard R. Russell. Where does Damien go from here?

His first announced match since losing the title is in Newtonhill as he teams with Scotty Swift to face Shawn Johnson and The Sterling Brothers in a 2 on 3 Handicap Match. Here, I’d have Damien chase Johnson around the Bettridge Centre in the later stages of the match, allowing Alan and William to drop Scotty with an Oil Crash for the win. Damien realises what’s happened and returns to the ring to check on Swift as Sterling Oil head to the back. A week later, he’s set to challenge Aspen Faith for the Tri-Counties Championship in Montrose. As the 10 minute time limit reaches it’s final 3 minutes, Shawn Johnson emerges on stage to distract Damien. With The Revolutionary focusing on Shawn, it allows Aspen to take him from behind and drill him in to the mat with a Tombstone Piledriver for the win to retain his title. Damien gets back to his feet after the match and runs to the back to find Johnson. At WrestleZone’s charity show for Friends of ANCHOR at the start of March, I’d have Damien squaring off with the returning BT Gunn. As Damien hones in on a victory, Richard R. Russell appears at ringside and grabs Damien’s leg before he can hit a superkick. Without realising Russell got involved, Gunn connects with The Techno Drome for the three count. Damien comes back to his senses after the match and is mad, having lost yet another match due to the interference of a Sterling Oil member. The following Friday in Peterhead, which is the last stop before The Regal Rumble, the main event will be a huge six man tag team match with Shawn Johnson, Crusher Craib and Aspen Faith taking on Damien, Scotty Swift and Bryan Tucker. With Aspen and Bryan brawling around ringside, all hell breaks loose in the ring with Shawn and Crusher taking the fight to Scotty and Damien. Shawn takes Damien out of the ring, allowing Scotty to perform a sneaky rollup on Crusher for the surprise three count. Damien and Shawn brawl back through the curtain as the show comes to a close.

At The Regal Rumble on March 24th, Damien enters the Rumble Match at number 9. He manages to get down to the final four alongside Crusher Craib, Scotty Swift and Andy Wild. Scotty manages to dump out Wild before being immediately tossed out himself by Crusher, leaving Crusher and Damien as the last two. After a brief back and forth battle, Crusher charges towards Damien for a Big Boot but he ducks it, sending Crusher over the top rope and down to the floor. Shawn Johnson enters after the match and gets on the apron, teasing getting in the ring to brawl with The Revolutionary before dropping down to a chorus of boos. Damien celebrates his win as Shawn heads to the back.

Damien’s first stop post-Regal Rumble comes on April 14th in Fraserburgh, where he defeats Nathan North. He then picks up further wins in Stonehaven, Westhill and Ellon throughout April and May over Jason Reed, Lou King Sharp and both Sterling Brothers in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match respectively. Leading in to Battle of the Nations on June 9th, Damien is challenged to put his Aberdeen Anarchy title shot on the line against Crusher Craib, a challenge which he of course accepts. Despite being attacked by Alan and William Sterling after the referee is accidentally taken out, Damien manages to deliver three superkicks to the jaw of Crusher before connecting with a Codebreaker to remain the #1 contender. As Damien celebrates his victory, he’s attacked by Crusher and The Sterling Brothers. Alan and William perform The Oil Crash before Crusher smashes his face in with a Big Boot. Sterling Oil stand tall over a motionless Damien.

With two shows left before Aberdeen Anarchy, those being Turriff on July 21st and Inverurie on August 11th (Proving Grounds has previously been advertised for July 28th but there’s been no more word about it, maybe postponed?), Damien has two huge challenges ahead of him; former tag partner Johnny Lions and then the high flying Bingo Ballance. In a closely contested match with Lions in Turriff, he comes out on top after connecting with a diving Codebreaker. In his match with Bingo Ballance, he kicks out of a huge frog splash before superkicking the Irishman in the back of the head and gives him a Codebreaker for the three count. In the main event of the Inverurie show, Shawn Johnson and Crusher Craib are victorious over Scotty Swift and Johnny Lions. Damien emerges after the match and has a staredown with Shawn ahead of their huge title match at Aberdeen Anarchy.

So then, September 1st comes around and WrestleZone are back at The Beach Ballroom with Damien main eventing the show for the first time, challenging Shawn Johnson for the Undisputed Championship. The referee goes down late in the match, allowing The Sterling Brothers to enter. Damien manages to fight them off, with Alan and William retreating back up the aisle. With Damien distracted, Crusher Craib storms through the crowd and slams Damien in to the mat with a Black Hole Slam. As the referee comes back in to it, Damien manages to kick out at 2. The fans cheer Damien on and eventually, he’s able to superkick Shawn before connecting with a Codebreaker. Shawn drops to his knees and spits in Damien’s face. Damien screams ‘Off With His Head!’ and performs a second Codebreaker for the three count. The crowd erupts as Damien becomes the first ever three-time Undisputed WrestleZone Championship.

So what do you think Damien has in store for 2018?