Five Picks To Win The SWE Fast Track Rumble

This weekend Scottish Wrestling Entertainment host the Fast Track Rumble, previous winners include current SWE Heavyweight Champion Felix Fortune and former champion Stallyon who both cashed in to win the SWE Heavyweight Championship successfully.

Elsewhere on the card, Zack Sabre Jr will make his way to The Friary in Dundee to face Steven ‘Air’ Myles in a match that was due to take place at Hell for Lycra last year. Plus SWE GM Grue will take on Bravehart in the first ever grUFC fight.

Back to the Fast Track Rumble, here are my five picks to win it and claim the Fast Track briefcase for a shot at any championship in Scottish Wrestling Entertainment.

1. JD Wilde

The former SWE Future Division Champion has been at loggerheads with the Grue World Order for months now, General Manager Grue has put Wilde’s job on the line meaning that if he doesn’t win then he will no longer be employed with SWE. That’s a pretty good motivater for anyone really.

2. The Jackal

The four time SWE Future Division Champion has been hungry for more. The opportunistic omnivore has been very vocal about his aims to to claim his destiny and a briefcase with a chance to win the SWE Heavyweight Championship sounds like something that will be very much on The Jackal’s radar. A dark horse perhaps.

3. Darren Blair

The first entrant in the Fast Track Rumble has a lot of work to do if he wants to go on and win. Another that has been clashing with the gWo lately and will be looking to stick it to Grue by outlasting everyone else and have a title opportunity in his back pocket for good measure.

4. The Infamous Ian Ambrose

The only triple crown winner in SWE (Future Division, Tag Team & Heavyweight) and the first winner of the Fast Track briefcase, Ian Ambrose. ‘The Infamous’ didn’t even have a chance to cash in his shot after constant brawls with Chaz Phoenix lead the briefcase to be held up and decided in the first Fast Track battle royal. After many chances recently against Steven ‘Air’ Myles for the SWE title, Ambrose finally snapped in November which ultimately lead to Felix Fortune cashing in his briefcase and winning the title for himself. Ambrose has had plenty of run-ins with Felix and another battle but with gold on the line may be in sight so that he can finally claim back ‘his’ title.

5. The Alex Webb

Very much an outsider to win, and one of the youngest members of the gWo with massive potential, is The Alex Webb. He’s been putting in solid matches lately and a recent big win in tag team action against Dead Cell may be the momentum boost required to get through the field and win the Fast Track Rumble.

There you go, five picks to win the SWE Fast Track Rumble this Saturday. Who do you think will win and grab themselves the championship opportunity?