Preview: ICW Frankie Goes To Holyrood


Following their huge double-header at The O2 ABC, ICW return to The Potterow in Edinburgh for Frankie Goes To Holyrood. The two shows last month saw some new stories emerge and some old ones come back to write another chapter. With Barramania 4 rapidly approaching, it’s going to be a bumpy road as we head towards The Barrowlands!


ICW World Heavyweight Championship
BT Gunn (c) vs Lewis Girvan

“The Oddity” BT Gunn will be putting the World Heavyweight Championship on the line this Sunday against The Filthy Generation’s Lewis Girvan. Gunn has proven himself to be a fighting champion since becoming the inaugural Undisputed Champion back in November, defending against the likes of Lionheart, Bram and former Impact Wrestling star James Storm. With a defence against Mikey Whiplash on the horizon, Gunn must first defend against The Renegade of The Filthy Generation. Despite this being a first time contest for ICW, Girvan has a 3-1 record over Gunn in singles action, with Gunn’s only victory over him coming during the Scottish leg of last year’s Pro Wrestling World Cup from Defiant Wrestling. What will the record say after Sunday?


ICW Tag Team Championships
Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith (c) vs The Age of Orion (Michael Chase & Theo Doros)

The Tag Team Championships are also set to be defended this Sunday as Rampage Brown and Ashton Smith put the gold on the line against a team making their return to ICW in the form of The Age of Orion. Brown and Smith have been dominant since forming an alliance with The Wee Man, which was proven when they smashed through Polo Promotions in a matter of minutes to become the tag champs. After retaining against The Purge at The Square Go!, Michael Chase and Theo Doros step in as the next contenders. The last time these two were in an ICW ring was back in August of last year, where they failed to defeat Polo Promotions. If they can’t defeat Polo Promotions, how will they ever get past Rampage and Ashton?


If anyone can beat Whiplash, they’ll be added to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Barramania 4
Mikey Whiplash Deathmatch Invitational

Ahead of his match for the World Heavyweight Championship in a few weeks time, Mikey Whiplash will be hosting a Deathmatch Invitational over the next three shows. Anyone who is able to beat him will be added to the championship match at Barramania 4. Whiplash is known for going to the extreme in order to get the job done, and will use anything at his disposal to inflict punishment on opponents. Who knows who’ll accept the challenge. Perhaps someone like Aspen Faith, Iestyn Rees or Wolfgang. Maybe even someone like Jimmy Havoc or The Primate will make their ICW return in the hopes of earning their spot in the main event of Barramania 4.


Mark Coffey vs Stevie Boy

The final two in this year’s Square Go! Match will go head to head in Edinburgh as Mark Coffey faces the leader of The Filthy Generation, Stevie Boy. The King of Insanity has been on fire in recent months, which saw him being victorious in The King of Insanity Deathmatch and of course now being crowned the winner of The Square Go! His opponent is a man that’s really stepped up as a singles wrestler as of late in the form of Mark Coffey, with his Polo Promotions partner Jackie Polo seemingly being embroiled in a rivalry with old foe Lionheart. Despite being renowned as a tag team wrestler, The Power Forward has had plenty of success on his own, including being a former 2x Zero-G Champion. After putting in a valiant effort in The Square Go! Match, Coffey was only eliminated after being blasted across the head with a steel chair. Although he’s had concussion problems in the past, Coffey seemed fine the next night as he took part in a six man tag match, however Stevie Boy, being the cunning man he is, may focus his attack on the head of Coffey and use the past injuries to his advantage.


Falls Count Anywhere Match Day 27
Chris Renfrew vs Joe Hendry

The longest match in wrestling history continues this Sunday night, as Chris Renfrew and “The Prestigious One” Joe Hendry enter day 27 in their Falls Count Anywhere Match. At the Biggest Fight Club Taping Ever, Hendry refused to face Renfrew in both a Buried Alive Match and a Hell in a Cell Match at Barramania 4. Renfrew then instead challenged him to a Falls Count Anywhere Match, with the action starting then and there. The two brawled all over the O2 ABC and outside, with the action not coming to an end. ICW’s YouTube channel have been providing updates on the ongoing match, with Leyton Buzzard going crazy thinking Renfrew’s following him around Glasgow and new ICW official Kieran Kelly being reunited with Renfrew during the Beast from the East. As the match enters its 648th hour tomorrow night, will it finally come to an end?


Kay Lee Ray vs Kenny Williams

The Filthy Generation’s Kay Lee Ray will be in action in Edinburgh as she takes on Kenny Williams. KLR and Williams were both entrants in last month’s Square Go! Match, where Kay Lee was eliminated by Lionheart before returning to ringside later in the match to eliminate Kenny, who had made it to the final 3, so The Bollocks will be looking for retribution against The Queen of Hardcore. Both competitors have become staples in ICW over the past few years, with KLR being a 2x Women’s Champion and Williams being the only 3x Zero-G Champion, as well as recently picking up a pinfall victory over Rey Mysterio. These two will perhaps be looking to make a name for themselves ahead of ICW’s next big show at the end of April.


Kid Fite w/The Fite Network (Lou King Sharp & Krieger) vs Lionheart

A singles bout between two of the UK’s best has also been set for Sunday night, as Kid Fite takes on Lionheart. Both men took part in February’s Square Go! Match, with Fite entering at number 8 and Lionheart at number 20. Fite had his associates in The Fite Network helping him out, but it wasn’t enough as he was dumped out upon the arrival of Tor Atterhagen. Meanwhile, Lionheart’s Square Go! appearance this year saw him come face to face with old rival Jackie Polo. The two eventually started brawling later on, until being tossed out. The following night, Lionheart challenged Polo to a match at Barramania 4, two years after their last encounter, with The King of Chat yet to provide an answer. Will Polo be in attendance on Sunday with an answer for Lionheart?


DCT w/Coach Trip vs James Drake

DCT will also be in singles action on Sunday as he takes on the returning James Drake. The International Sex Hero has been in a mini rivalry with Joseph Conners as of late, with The Righteous Killer spitting in the face of DCT after picking up the win in their first match at the start of the year. This led to Conners almost assaulting DCT’s wife Viper with a steel chair at last month’s Square Go!, before she was saved by DCT. The fued seemingly came to an end the following night, with DCT coming out on top. He now finds himself with a new face to deal with in the form of another WWE UK Championship Tournament competitor, with James Drake making just his second appearance in an ICW ring. The last time we saw Mr Mayhem was part of the Road to Fear & Loathing tour in November, where he unsuccessfully challenged BT Gunn for the Zero-G Championship. Although he’s not been as successful in ICW, Drake is currently in the midst of his second reign as PROGRESS Tag Team Champion alongside Zack Gibson. A victory over one of ICW’s fan favourites would surely do wonders for Drake, and we could possibly be seeing a lot more of him in Scotland.


Viper vs Aivil

The last match signed sees new Women’s Champion Viper in non-title action as she faces Legion’s Aivil. After making her return from Japan as an entrant in The Square Go! Match, Viper became a two-time ICW Women’s Champion the following night as she won the gold from Martina, ending her reign at just 1 day. The Vixen of Violence then said she wanted to defend the gold around the world and she’ll get the chance to do just that at the end of the month against fellow WWE Mae Young Classic competitor Toni Storm at a show for Stardom, with Toni’s Stardom World Alliance Championship also being defended. While Viper’s away touring the world, Aivil has been making a name for herself back here as part of Mikey Whiplash’s Legion. As far as I’m aware, this will be Aivil’s first singles match in ICW, although she and Viper were on opposing sides in a four way tag match back in October. A tough test in store for The Queen of Legion.

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Announced Matches
ICW World Heavyweight Championship – BT Gunn (c) vs Lewis Girvan
ICW Tag Team Championships
– Rampage Brown & Ashton Smith (c) vs The Age of Orion
Mikey Whiplash Deathmatch Invitational – If anyone can beat Whiplash, they’ll be added to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Barramania 4
Mark Coffey vs Stevie Boy
Falls Count Anywhere Match Day 27 – Chris Renfrew vs Joe Hendry
Kay Lee Ray vs Kenny Williams
Kid Fite w/The Fite Network vs Lionheart
DCT w/Coach Trip vs James Drake
Viper vs Aivil