Swift Advice – ‘Starter For Ten’

We approached former Undisputed WrestleZone Champion and trainer at the WrestleZone Training Academy, Scotty Swift, to share his Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to wrestling training, he accepted our invitation and here is his debut piece on the Scottish Wrestling Network.

For anyone who follows myself on the old Book of Face you maybe familiar with a series of posts relating to all manner of wrestling training related matters. Sometimes it was simply to inform and at times, cards on the table here, it was just a productive place to vent!

I was flattered when SWN asked if I would be willing to perhaps ‘pen’ an article or two (or more ;)) along the lines of the aforementioned social media outbursts but more long form. So…here goes, the best place to start – the start.

The very start. Before you even step through the door to the Wrestlezone Training Academy or take part in your first warm up. These will be blunt…

1. The first correspondence.

Filling out a contact form.
PM via Facebook.

Proof read it. If your spelling and grammar aren’t good (and in all honesty I have my moments) ask for help from someone who is. Right or wrong first impressions are all we have to go by from a complete stranger. Make a good first impression.

2. Leave your full name. Seriously, some people don’t. Your are not Prince. Or Elvis. That’s plenty.

3. Do not use wrestling training as your “way to get fit”. Some people can only manage once a week. What are you doing with the rest of your time? Which leads to…

4. Show up in some kind of decent condition. Don’t be naive. You don’t need to be a super athlete but…come on now. I’ve seen skinny guys with no wind and people you would class as overweight but can go. Just have some kind of an engine.

5. “It’s my dream to be a wrestler….but it’s too far away”. It’s not your dream then. Please don’t say this or any variation of it. It winds us up and I feel confident in saying 99% of everyone else that run schools.

6. Training costs money. Why? For the simple fact that running a facility also costs money. Our fees are not high – if you do not have a dependable source of regular income think before you apply.

7. If for any reason during the first communication and the scheduled date for your initial induction you decide it’s not for you that’s absolutely fine. Just let us know. If you don’t, you are rude – that will stick with you. Don’t be rude. We don’t deserve it. Show some respect. Talking of respect.

8. Don’t be a smart arse when you get in touch. Don’t use profanity. Don’t try and convince us that you already know everything. If you did you wouldn’t be applying for training. Behave.

9. This is bloody hard. Check your ego at the door and expect to fail and fail and fail again. Be prepared to enjoy the process because this is how we all learn. By failure and trying again.

10. If you don’t practice appropriate hygiene day to day, start before you train with people. Really… It’s like the warning signs on bleach. Do not consume. That’s there because someone did. Wash. Please.

So there’s your starter for 10. That’s before the first warm up.

With a bit luck I can really get into the guts of this going forward. If SWN doesn’t tell this red head to not let the back door hit him on the backside on the way out.

Thanks for reading.
Grumpy Coach
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