Swift Advice – ‘Time To Elaborate’

Hello again! Yes, I’ve been invited back to put finger to keyboard so apparently the powers that be got something out of my debut article of all things training. Of course primarily this is related to my own experiences to the Wrestlezone Training Academy but I’m fairly confident all of this is relatable to wrestling training in general.

Last time I focused on my starter for ten – things to take into consideration before you have even done anything physical. Time to elaborate.

If you take that all important step towards to getting involved you are to be commended. The percentage of those who show an interest and then not even show is higher then you may expect so you are already ahead of the game. However please don’t assume this is a sure thing. Wrestling is simply not for everyone and perhaps no matter how much time you put in this may not be for you. Take that into account.

Please don’t be that person who right out of the box asks “how long will it be before I am on shows?”. No one said you would be. Time will determine that.

Be that person that pays attention and watches what everyone else in your group is doing. In the initial stages you will all be learning the same aspects of this. Just because you are not the one doing it at that moment in time, or any feedback being given is not directly aimed at you, it is all relatable to you.

Making mistakes is okay. Do not let mistakes define you. Everyone messes up. All that is asked of is your very best. No one will look at you sideways if you fail but it is clear you are doing the best you can.

I know I brought this up previously but it is worth a further mention. This IS bloody hard. Unless you are one of those few naturals, expect to have to put in the time and enjoy the process.

Do not be afraid to ask questions. The gag is “their is no stupid questions…until you ask them”. However in all seriousness ask questions that are in tone with training.

I think that will do for now. Feedback/praise/death threats/money can be directed to my Facebook page. The link of which should be below. Until next time.

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