Five Picks For The 2018 WWE Mae Young Classic


During Friday’s WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony, WWE aired an ad for the WWE Network, which revealed that they will be holding the second annual Mae Young Classic later this year. The 2017 instalment saw Kairi Sane coming out on top, earning herself an NXT Women’s Championship opportunity. The field of 32 only had two Scottish representatives, those being Kay Lee Ray and Viper, under the name of Piper Niven. With that, here are five picks I’d like to see compete in this year’s edition!

Sammii Jayne

Sammii Jayne seems an obvious choice, considering how well she’s doing these days, as well as the fact she had a WWE tryout this past November. Collecting championship gold wherever she goes, The Main Event Empress has been near unstoppable. Whether it’s in Discovery Wrestling, Pro Wrestling: EVE or abroad for Revolution Championship Wrestling, Sammii has made it her mission to be recognised as one of the best wrestlers in the world. With an upcoming tour of Japan soon to be under her belt, I think it’s a safe bet to say she’ll be included in the bracket.


Another woman that had a WWE tryout in November is Kasey. Although she’s an Irish native, The Clown Princess of Carnage has been making a huge name for herself for promotions such as ICW and Fierce Females. Known for striking opponents in the jaw with her knee, Kasey has become one of the most respected women in British wrestling. In my eyes, she would be a fantastic pick to include.

Leah Owens

Another Irish native next in the form of Kasey’s twin sister Leah. You always hear people saying Kasey is the better of them but after seeing Leah live this past January, I’d say they’re both as good as each other. Her throwback to the ’80s character seems like something WWE would love to invest in.

Isla Dawn

WWE clearly have their eye on young Isla Dawn, with The High Priestess losing to the then-undefeated Asuka on an episode of Raw under the name of Stacey Coates. The Source Wrestling School graduate has come leaps and bounds since her debut, including for international companies like CZW and SHINE. Could see her being added to the NXT women’s division after the tournament aswell.

Jayla Dark

Jayla Dark has been making waves all over the UK. Formerly known as Bete Noire, The One Girl Gang has been making a name for herself in promotions such as Discovery Wrestling, Fierce Females and more recently in FutureShock Wrestling, where she’s a member of The Queen Bees. Once again, she’d make a grand addition to the tournament.

Who would you like to see compete in the second annual Mae Young Classic?