Swift Advice – ‘Never Run Before You Can Walk’

Greetings. Appreciate you once again taking the time to read through my various thoughts on all things wrestling training. For those who read the last instalment consider this a follow up.

Here goes!

The preconceived notion that the ring is like a trampoline. Ahhhhh, that old chestnut. Fact – it really isn’t. I’m sure plenty of schools had seen individuals take that first impact from the ring and decide “actually, this isn’t for me”. It’s very much a case of the ring will give you something you give it something yourself.

The other classic of this not being real. Trust me you are really doing this. You are really being slammed. There is nothing more real then that. Plus, you can’t fake gravity. If you treat this like it isn’t real be prepared for a reality check…

If you are asking to perform powerbomb and moonsaults before learning the basics, wind your neck in. Never run before you can walk.

This one may sound daft but, know your lefts and rights. This has tripped up many a person!

A brief and breezy one this time. Apparently we have a ‘Q&A’ in the works to wrap up this wee journey.

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