Wrestler Spotlight: Drew Parker

Welcome to the first of two Wrestler Spotlights today, focusing on the two men who’ve accepted Mikey Whiplash’s Deathmatch Invitational for this Sunday. First up, Drew Parker!

Photo credit David J Wilson

Alias – Drew Parker, ECDrew, Mike Drew-some, WCWDrew, Drewy Funk, The Drew Meanie, Tommy Drewmer, Rob Van Drew, EC Drewdley, The Sandrew, Sab-Drew, Drewven, Tazz, Paul D. Heyman, Drew Jack,
Nicknames – “The Urchin Prince”, “The Human Drewplex Machine”
Companies Wrestled For – Britannia Wrestling Promotions, Shropshire Wrestling Alliance, Pro Wrestling Kingdom, ATTACK! Pro Wrestling, Just Do Wrestling, VII Underground, Dragon Pro Wrestling, Kamikaze Pro, Pro Evolution Wrestling, HOPE Wrestling, Great Bear Promotions, Pro Wrestling 4U, Pro Wrestling Chaos, Fight Club: PRO, Lucha Forever, Fight! Nation Wrestling, Preston City Wrestling, Reloaded Championship Wrestling Alliance, Premier British Wrestling, International Pro Wrestling: United Kingdom, Tidal Championship Wrestling, PROGRESS Wrestling, TNT Extreme Wrestling, Riptide Wrestling, Insane Championship Wrestling, Big Japan Pro Wrestling and Game Changer Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments –
2x and first ever Dragon Pro Tag Team Champion w/Scotty Essex and w/Ethan Silver
1x PWI Tag Team Champion w/Ethan Silver
1x BWP Rookie Division Tag Team Champion w/Ethan Silver
2x ATTACK! 24:7 Champion
9x and first ever HOPE 24/7 Hardcore Champion
1x Knights of Chaos Champion w/Mike Bird
Signature Moves – Small Package Driver, Detonation Kick, Mushroom Stomp, 450 Splash
Alliances – The YOLO Squad w/Ethan Silver, The North East Wolves w/Kid Lykos, Team Reem w/Scotty Essex, Do Not Resuscitate w/Chuck Mambo, Spike Trivet & William Eaver, Nothing to Prove w/Eddie Dennis, Chuck Mambo, LK Mezinger, ELIJAH & Bishop, w/Mike Bird
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