Review: BT Gunn/Mikey Whiplash: A History of Violence

Here is our recap and review of ‘BT Gunn/Mikey Whiplash: A History Of Violence’:

Insane Championship Wrestling recently put up a new program on their On Demand called BT Gunn/Mikey Whiplash: A History Of Violence. A look at the events that have lead to their upcoming ICW World Heavyweight Championship match at Barramania 4.

Told by Mikey Whiplash, it features highlights of moments and matches in their previous feud.

Starting from the first Barramania when we saw the return of BT Gunn, who changed his look to include a terrifying mask that looked like it was made of flesh, he spat blood into the eyes of Whiplash which allowed Lewis Girvan to pick up a victory. Following the match Gunn unleashed an assault on Whiplash, tying him to the ropes with cable ties and battering him with a kendo stick before leaving him sacrificed with a barbed wire crown.

Whiplash explains that this was the moment he needed and the moment he found that person that he would forever battle. There were highlights of each other battering each other, anything one did the other returned the favour.

Their first official match in ICW started wild at ICW in Koko, London. Brawling from the back and around the venue. In a chaotic brawl a ringside barrier was placed from the apron to another barrier, Whiplash almost put Gunn throw it but BT escaped. Just as Gunn was looking to knock Whiplash onto the barrier, the second rope snapped and Whiplash fell threw the barrier. Creating a moment that looked incredible in the most painful of ways. The match itself was thrown out after BT Gunn’s New Age Kliq brother Chris Renfrew arrived on the scene and helped Gunn decimate Whiplash, leaving him once again battered and wearing that barbed wire crown.

Whiplash talks about that the next time they faced it was at a ‘young lions’ event, Spacebaws, he considers management wanting an end to this situation and booking it as quickly as possible.

Extended highlights of their bout at Spacebaws were shown including a fan throwing beer in the face of BT Gunn before being knocked out with a straight punch. The inclusion of chairs, ring steps and thumbtacks. The match escalated in brutality, leading to Whiplash hitting a Zombiemaker off the top of a ladder onto a scattered pile of thumbtacks to finish the match.

Whiplash explains that he and Gunn weren’t ready to let it go. ICW gave them one more match in an attempt to finish this once and for all.

What followed was the tense contract signing held by Red Lightning. Security separating both parties involved. Whiplash declaring that whatever happened would be on BT Gunn’s head as he made this personal.

Whiplash goes onto talk about not wearing the paint during this program as he wanted us to see his scars. One on his forehead in particular leads onto the next match highlighted.

BT Gunn appeared wearing the trademark Whiplash face paint as they brawled. Jam O’Malley made an appearance but was batted away. The end, and the origin of the scar, is seeing BT Gunn use a razor to gouge into the head of Mikey Whiplash which lead to blood spurting out. A powerbomb onto steel steps mercifully ended the match as the blood poured from Whiplash. BT Gunn standing over the body.

Whiplash talks about the escalation of the feud to become Legion versus The New Age Kliq. How the war between the two just got more and more brutal, then about how he would be willing to go to any lengths to end BT Gunn.

This lead to the birthday bash, appearing dressed as Marilyn Monroe, Whiplash attacked The New Age Kliq with a kendo stick.

They battled all over the British Isles, before they faced off one more time in London.

They invited kendo stick shots to each other but it ended with Whiplash tying the ring rope around Gunn’s neck and choking Gunn out with it. It may not have been a bloody affair but it was shocking to watch the colour drain from the face of BT Gunn.

It all lead to The New Age Kliq and Legion facing off in the SECC in Glasgow, Fear & Loathing, inside of a steel cage.

A barbaric match ending in a no contest after both Whiplash and Gunn fell from the cage through tables, but it wasn’t the end as Whiplash goaded BT Gunn in the middle of the ring to finish it and to kill him. BT Gunn landed one final superkick in an impromptu one on one match.

Whiplash noted that was the last time he saw ‘The Oddity’ BT Gunn. Calling BT Gunn a parody of his former self, an overgrown child with a toy belt. Challenging the real Oddity, challenging the man that tried to kill him. An intense final statement as we near Barramania 4.

Like a haunted Jackanory, Mikey Whiplash recaps the tale of The Oddity vs The Necromancer. Taking us through the highlights of a bloody feud that never had an answer as to why Gunn started it, it was never clear why The Oddity targeted Whiplash but Whiplash was more than game to come along for the ride while occasionally jumping over to shake the steering wheel.

This show was an hour long Mikey Whiplash promo, his calm delivery if chilling to listen to as he recaps the past events that have seen blood staining the ring and bodies lying. It was a feud that was must see in ICW and highlighted the unpredictable nature of the Glasgow promotion.

As this feud has been reborn towards Barramania 4, a death match is almost fitting. They’ve stabbed, bludgeoned and did everything in their power to maim each other so finally see a conclusion to a battle that started out of nowhere is going to be fascinating to watch through hands.

A lot has changed since then and on the surface Mikey Whiplash is right, BT Gunn has softened, he isn’t The Oddity that would scalp an opponent, punch a fan in the face and silently escalate a feud to become a bloody and barbaric war. On the flip side Mikey Whiplash is still The Necromancer and his death matches since from the build up to King of Insanity to the run up to Barramania 4 proves that he is still as sharp as the the hundreds of thumbtacks that his body has landed on over the years.

An insightful 57 minutes and free to watch on demand.

Barramania 4 is going to be a scary night.

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