Review: WrestleZone Live in Fraserburgh 2018


Following last month’s Regal Rumble, WrestleZone made their annual stop at Fraserburgh’s Dalrymple Hall this past Saturday night. With 6 huge matches lined up, it was a night not to be forgotten.

Damien def. Nathan North w/Jeeves Winchester by Pinfall

After Martyn Clunes kicked off the show, Jeeves Winchester stumbled out from the curtain to introduce “Vintage” Nathan North, who was in action against this year’s Regal Rumble runner-up Damien. North demanded that before Damien face him that he should prove himself against Jeeves, considering The Revolutionary was eliminated from The Regal Rumble by Richard R. Russell, a non-wrestler. After laying out the butler, Damien was attacked from behind by The Vintage One before fighting back with a vicious amount of stomps and punches, with the Regal Rumble loss clearly still being a thorn in his side. North fought back with a flurry of European uppercuts, taking control for the majority of the match. A blockbuster from the second rope wasn’t enough for the three count, so North tried for one from the top. However, Jeeves also climbed up the ropes, being the Damien Mizdow to North’s Miz. With both men perched up high, Damien shook the top rope to crotch both men and followed up with a flying Codebreaker to Nathan for the three count.

Fantastic match to kick things off. Thought Damien would’ve lost and perhaps went back on a losing streak ahead of his match with Richard R. Russell, but clearly he’s been training harder to get back on track. Never get tired of seeing Nathan progressing and this was a great opponent to have him against. Definitely a star in the making.

Crusher Craib def. Blue Thunder by Pinfall

Crusher Craib vs Blue Thunder was up next and it was essentially a mauling of The Masked Wonder. Thunder had the early lead, with some dropkicks and double axe handles failing to knock down The Creator of Carnage before a calf kick did the job. Crusher fought back and started destroying the fan favourite but Thunder, ever the underdog, held his own against WrestleZone’s resident monster. As he went for a Samoan drop, the weight was too much and he fell down, flattened with Craib landing on top. Crusher performed a fallaway slam and followed with a huge big boot for the three count.

Wasn’t expecting much from this. Was pretty much used to showcase the destruction of Crusher Craib.

Aspen Faith def. Chris Archer by Pinfall

The first-half main event saw The Kings of Catch’s Aspen Faith taking on The Rejected’s Chris Archer. With Sammii Jayne away in Japan and Mikkey Vago away wherever he is, it meant this was a fair one on one contest. Archer dove from the stage on to The King of Catch, wanting to get some revenge for Aspen and Lewis Girvan’s actions at The Regal Rumble. The pair brawled all over the hall, with Aspen using a bottle of juice at one stage (technically a disqualification, come on Dennis!) before they returned to the ring. Both men traded stiff strikes to each other’s faces before Archer headed up top for a moonsault, which Faith managed to avoid. After some more back and forth action, Aspen spiked Chris in to the mat with a Tombstone Piledriver to pick up the win and gain some momentum for The Kings of Catch in WrestleZone’s tag division.

Terrific match, as expected from these two. Expect to see more of this when Mikkey Vago and Lewis Girvan are in the picture again.

During the interval, fans could meet Damien and purchase tickets for the all-important raffle!

Bradley Evans def. William Sterling by Pinfall

Following the break, it was time for young Bradley Evans to face Sterling Oil member William Sterling. Richard R. Russell initially came out with William, but had enough faith in his man that he headed back through the curtain. The fans got on William’s nerves throughout the match, calling him Richard R. Russell’s lapdog. Right off the bat, Sterling decided he wanted to become a maths teacher, using the ropes to choke out Evans and help the audience count to five. The WrestleZone Training Academy graduate was able to fight back and executed a huge shoulder tackle to knock the multi-time Tag Team Champion off his feet. Evans attempted a slingshot shoulder block but appeared to slip and just flipped on to his back. William dropped Bradley on his face before he was rolled up for the victory out of nowhere. As Bradley headed back through the curtain, William refused to leave the ring until the fans chanted his name, with the Fraserburgh audience again chanting ‘lapdog’. Brought that one on himself really.

Bradley Evans has certainly made an impact since his main roster debut last year. A slight botch towards the end of the match was unfortunate, but I’m sure he can bounce back from this ahead of Battle of the Nations.

Alan Sterling w/Richard R. Russell def. Scotty Swift by Pinfall

The second Sterling brother was in action next as Alan Sterling took on the man he eliminated from this year’s Regal Rumble Match, Scotty Swift. Alan took his time getting the match started, angering Swift even more. Despite that, Sterling managed to get plenty of offence in early on, including two huge lariats. Russell tried getting involved only to be noticed by Swift, but the distraction was enough for Alan to remain on top. After Alan missed a knee drop, Scotty focused his attack on his leg, locking in a figure four leglock. As the match neared its end, Richard got on the apron to distract the referee, allowing William Sterling to return to ringside and hit Swift in the back of the head with some sort of foreign object to hand the victory to his brother Alan.

The rivalry between Scotty Swift and Sterling Oil is clearly far from over. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the coming months as we get closer and closer to Aberdeen Anarchy X!

Undisputed WrestleZone Championship
Shawn Johnson (c) w/Richard R. Russell def. Bryan Tucker by Pinfall

After the raffle was drawn, it was main event time as Shawn Johnson put the Undisputed Championship up for grabs against Bryan Tucker. With the champion hesitant to start the match, Tucker chased him around the hall before the match properly got underway. As the match progressed, both men busted out some beautiful suplexes, followed by Bryan Tucker ascending to the top rope. A failed attempt at a diving crossbody allowed Johnson to take the advantage but not for long as Tucker executed a bridging northern lights suplex for a near fall. However this wasn’t his night, with a Twist of Fate being reversed into a Samoan driver for the three count as Shawn Johnson remained Undisputed Champion. As Johnson and Richard R. Russell were celebrating the victory, Russell ran for his life as Damien appeared. Without realising the former Undisputed Champion was behind him, Shawn turned round and was planted with a superkick before Damien posed with the title. Tucker then drove Johnson down with a Twist of Fate as the show came to a close.

Another fantastic bout between Shawn and Bryan. The rivalry between Damien and Johnson continues to escalate as we head towards Battle of the Nations on June 9th!

A great night of action presented by WrestleZone. Several stories developing even more as we head towards their annual summer extravaganza in just a few weeks time.

You can catch WrestleZone in action on April 28th at the Stonehaven Town Hall, May 5th at Aberdeen’s Cairncry Community Centre for Proving Grounds, June 9th at Aberdeen’s Northern Hotel for Battle of the Nations and of course September 1st at Aberdeen’s historic Beach Ballroom for Aberdeen Anarchy X!

Quick Results
Damien def. Nathan North w/Jeeves Winchester by Pinfall
Crusher Craib def. Blue Thunder by Pinfall
Aspen Faith def. Chris Archer by Pinfall
Bradley Evans def. William Sterling by Pinfall
Alan Sterling w/Richard R. Russell def. Scotty Swift by Pinfall
Undisputed WrestleZone Championship – Shawn Johnson (c) w/Richard R. Russell def. Bryan Tucker by Pinfall