Insane Championship Wrestling’s Road To Barramania IV

Just as we get the road to WrestleMania out of the way, we have the road to BarraMania IV to look forward to. This is one of Insane Championship Wrestling’s biggest events of the year and it takes place at the Barrowlands in Glasgow, Scotland. The card for this year’s event is packed; the fans in attendance can expect to see some compelling stories, old feuds being reborn, brutal physical matches, and all of the championships put on the line. It is a must-see event. I am going to take you down that road and talk about this year’s BarraMania competitors, their upcoming matches and their journey to the Barrowlands.


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This is a classic contract versus contract match: one career on the line, one opportunity for the ICW heavyweight championship on the line.  If Stevie Boy loses the match, he loses the number one contendership for the ICW championship. If Stevie wins Kenny Williams has to leave Insane Championship Wrestling. This is one of these unpleasant stipulation matches with an impossible happy ending.

Almost every ICW wrestling fan would tell you that “this is Stevie Boy’s year”. He has been gaining momentum more and more since he left NAK and became the leader of the Filthy Generation. Stevie is one of the quick rising stars in Scotland’s pro wrestling scene and more and more people want to see him as the ICW champion. There is absolutely no stopping him from accomplishing that goal. The match at BarraMania would only slow him down if he loses. If ICW has decided to get behind Kenny Williams and make him the number one contender, it would be interesting to see how that would work out and if Kenny would actually cash in and win the championship. The only way disappointment could be avoided is if the match ends in no contest, which would NOT happen because it’s a freaking ladder match! Somebody is going to climb that ladder on Sunday 29th of April and that somebody would have the opportunity to become a future ICW heavyweight champion.


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This is going to be the revenge match of the night. Ravie Davie and Bram are the lead characters in this showdown while Iestyn Rees and James Storm serve as their faithful sidekicks. The feud began when Martina turned on Ravie Davie at Fear & Loathing X, broke off their engagement by pushing Davie off the ladder and helped Bram win the briefcase. Since then, Bram and Martina have become the Edge and Lita of ICW. Whilst Davie is so relatable, Bram is extremely off putting. Martina and Bram are so obnoxious as a couple that they would make even the biggest perverts turn their heads if they saw them making out in the ring. In opposition, Ravie Davie is the underdog, a character that relates to the fans, his emotion and passion floats right on the surface. Therefore the hatred between him and Bram would be a great way to get the audience emotionally invested in the match. This match is a personal vendetta that needs to be resolved. It is a classic case of the protagonist versus the antagonist. The hero versus the villain. The face versus the heel. And to top it all off, the badass Cowboy James Storm is the one that is in Ravie Davie’s corner hence the chances of the underdog protagonist winning this match, become much higher.



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This is probably the longest match in professional wrestling history. Yes, it is STILL going on! ICW is STILL keeping an eye on it! One of the most entertaining matches in Insane Championship Wrestling’s history is hopefully going to end at the biggest ICW event of the year. Chris Renfrew and Joe Hendry rang the bell for this match on 12th of February 2018 and neither one has managed to get a pin fall in this Falls Count Anywhere action and if they cannot finish it on 29th of April it is going to be a long year for both of them. Chris Renfrew has provided the ICW crowd with some of the most entertaining segments this year. Renfrew has made such a transition from NAK to Legion to now finally focusing only on himself. And it seems like he is having a lot of fun doing so. While Renfrew represents the chaos and mayhem in ICW, the complete opposite of Renfrew is Joe Hendry. Whether he is the Local Hero or the Prestigious One, Hendry has always been a very entertaining character to watch. Put these two polar opposites together; add Leyton Buzzard and Kieran Kelly to the equation and you get the most riveting comical match of BarraMania. Not to take anything away from Renfrew and Hendry’s wrestling ability, given the stipulation of it, this match can get very serious, very quickly. Would we see the end of this two-month long match at BarraMania IV? I hope so. The match has to end! It has to!


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Wolfgang faces Tor Butcher Atterhagen. I am going to keep it short and simple for this one. It’s a chain match therefore it’s going to be very physical. I would like to think of it as a gladiator battle; the Barrowlands serving as their Colisseum. Instead of Gladius swords, they are given chains. In the Roman Empire there were different types of battles and some gladiators (referred to as bestiarii) went into a combat with beasts (wild animals) rather than men. Tor Atterhagen is obviously a giant beast that can destroy anything that comes his way. Wolfgang however is a tough bestiarius who would not be squashed by this colossal wild animal. In a recent interview on the Insane Championship Wrestling website Wolfgang promised to “rip Tor’s head off”. It’s definitely a big challenge for Wolfie, it is undoubtedly going to be a tough battle. I believe we are going to see some “Holy Shit” moments during this match. It’s a match with a lot of possible outcomes and I cannot wait to see what these two have in store for us.


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It is finally happening folks! After a rollercoaster of dramatic contract signings, heated promos and some edgy dead naming, Jackie Polo has finally signed the contract for a match against Lionheart at BarraMania IV.

This is one of the best storylines that ICW have ever had. There is so much history that has been dug out for this match. The build-up has been so intense. The atmosphere at the live shows is so piercing whenever Jackie Polo and Lionheart are in the ring together. I have previously talked about this feud and one of the most fascinating things about it is that: it has aged like fine wine. It started as a mediocre storyline at the Insane Championship Wrestling shows and it has turned into one of the greatest feuds in ICW history. It all began when Jackie Polo took a shot at Lionheart’s retirement and neck injury a few years ago. Lionheart inevitably fired back at him which culminated into a match at BarraMania back in 2015, which Lionheart lost.

In the art of war, if you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the approaching battles. But if you know only yourself and not the enemy, for every victory, there will also be defeat.”― Emily Thorne

In 2015, Lionheart let the emotions get to him and let Polo get under his skin. Jackie Polo, on the other hand, was concentrated only on winning without any distractions. Fast forward to 2018, the story comes full circle, when they face each other once again at this year’s BarraMania. It is safe to say the roles have reversed. Lionheart has had time to get to know his enemy and he has prepared for this battle. Jackie Polo is letting Lionheart get to him; he is distracted by ICW management and contractual perks and negotiations. Contrarily, Lionheart is the one fully focused on destroying his rival. There has been a lot of talking and not much in-ring interaction between them and after years of unresolved issues, distaste and hostility they have the chance to get their hands on each other one more time. It is going to be a hell of a match. Finally, at this year’s BarraMania IV we are going to see the end of this long-storied feud.


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Whilst Viper and Kasey have faced each other on multiple occasions in the ring, they do not have much personal history stored in the archives. Their matches have always been about proving who the better woman is and sometimes all you need is a hunger for the title and no other stories necessary.

This upcoming BarraMania match looks to do exactly that, it is about the championship. While it somehow seemed like it would be just another women’s title match, since the title has changed hands four times in the past six months: from Kay Lee Ray to Kasey to Martina and now Viper. At Fight Club: 86 Viper dropped the ‘’pipe bomb’’ on Kasey, making this match a must-see. It was possibly the best promo in Viper’s career and one of the best promos cut in an ICW ring period. It was honest, straight to the point and Viper one-upped Kasey with her list of accomplishments over the past couple of years.

Viper is one of the most popular UK independent female wrestlers in the world right now. She has the opportunity to keep doing what she has already done, popularize Scottish women wrestling, defend the ICW women’s title in Japan, Europe and hopefully soon makes that championship a world one.

Kasey, on the other hand, is on her way to become the new face of the ICW women’s division, with Kay Lee Ray and Viper wrestling in Japan, she can win the title and take over. The outcome of this match is a win-win for ICW and for the fans. ICW would either decide to keep expanding their brand through Viper’s international status as a wrestler or give their current full time talent an opportunity to make an impact.


tag match.png
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The newly crowned champions Jack Jester and Sha Samuels aka The Kinky Party will have to face The Sons of Ulaid, The Kings of Catch as well as The Purge in a fatal 4-way action.

This match is going to be a mess in the most positive way possible. Eight men, four tag teams fighting for the tag team championship gold. These are four very deserving teams who have the potential to be great champions. All eight participants are crazy enough to create absolute chaos and cause some damage inside and outside the ring during this match-up. At the same time, every single team is so different from one another when it comes to style of wrestling which would make the action more diverse and every tag team would stand out to the crowd. Also, whenever the Kinky Party are present, the entertainment is guaranteed. The Kings of Catch are also a team that would wreck havoc as tag champions if they manage to steal the win on the last Sunday of April, which would make the Filthy Generation even more powerful as a faction. It would be a fascinating collision of some of ICW’s best tag teams.


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In the last Glasgow event, BT Gunn had to defend the Zero G championship in a triple threat match against Jody Fleisch and Mark Coffey. However, BT was kidnapped by masked Legion members and the match became a one on one between Coffey and Fleisch. Ending in a questionable double pinfall, Mark Dallas vacated the Zero G championship. At BarraMania, Fleisch and Coffey get another title shot for the championship in a Gauntlet match with four other mystery opponents still to be announced. This is a great opportunity for all participants to show some skill and another great stipulation for the event, making the entire show even more colourful and diverse. One thing is certain, ICW is crowning a new Zero G champion on Sunday 29th of April and the championship would be no longer vacant.



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At BarraMania IV we are going to see Mikey Whiplash face BT Gunn for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship in a death match. Similar to the Lionheart  vs Jackie Polo feud, this story started with a match at BarraMania and it’s going to end at BarraMania.

BT Gunn is currently one of the top UK wrestlers and one of the most extraordinary in-ring performers I have had the honor to watch wrestle live. One of  BT Gunn’s greatest rivals, Mikey Whiplash, not only has perfected his Necromancer character, he has also shown the fans that he can be much more than a “death match” wrestler with his in-ring performances involving Jordan Devlin and Jodi Fleisch in the past few months. They have both grown in their own way, they have paved their own path and now they are meeting again in the squared circle to show to each other that both of them are still a force to be reckoned with.

Back in 2015, The Oddity and the Necromancer won an ICW Bammy award for “Feud of the Year”. BT Gunn, currently 3-time ICW heavyweight champion going up against Mikey Whiplash, a one-time ICW heavyweight champion. Whiplash won the heavyweight title back in 2013 and since then it has become a world one, therefore an even more prestigious prize is on the line. The history between these wrestlers is well-known to most that follow ICW. As mentioned above, this feud started in 2015 when BT Gunn, who was part of the NAK, targeted Mikey Whiplash, the leader of Legion. Both groups would wreck havoc in ICW in their own way and it was impossible for them to avoid each other. They had to collide and it had to be epic. However, it was never about NAK versus Legion. As much as NAK and Legion got involved, it was only about these two men, Mikey Whiplash and BT Gunn. BT’s Oddity persona was reckless, dangerously quiet, rebellious and invincible. Nothing could stop him. Whilst Mikey has always been insane, it’s in his nature. Therefore, those weren’t just wrestling matches, they were fights, and their feud was a war. That war between Whiplash and Gunn, accompanied by their respective armies NAK and Legion, culminated in a cage match at Fear and Loathing VIII. A brutal performance by all men, with the finishing touches left to Whiplash and BT Gunn. Their last in-ring encounter was won by BT Gunn. Both groups stood up in the middle ring, facing each other, after the match had ended and, as Billy Kirkwood referred to their last interaction, they showed “begrudging respect” for one another.

It was over.

Until now…

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”- George Santayana

When it comes to the wrestling world, sometimes there is nothing better than revisiting and repeating history in a new way. It can bring a certain nostalgia to some, creates new memories for others and given the right situation it can even top the performance of the past. I believe this would be a match that will be even better than the ones we witnessed in 2015. Back then it might have been “Feud of The Year” but this match is going to be “Match of The Year”.  A lot of fans referred to the death match at Fight Club 89 between Jimmy Havoc and Whiplash as brutal and ‘a bit too much’ ; the crowd  should be prepared for even more destruction, blood and mayhem because there is no limitations to what BT Gunn and Mikey Whiplash can do to each other on April 29th.

Whiplash won all of the death matches in the last three events leading up to the last Sunday of April proving he is ready for BT Gunn and that he is showing no mercy come Barramania.

At Fight Club 85 BT Gunn made a statement in regards of the rumors whether the audience at Barramania will get to see the Psycho Oddity once again. BT insists that he would not go down that road. The question is: Could BT Gunn defeat Whiplash without the Oddity? Does the stipulation of this match give Mikey Whiplash more of an advantage? Or is BT Gunn going to prove he can overcome anything that stands in his way and retain the ICW world heavyweight championship?

All of these questions are going to be answered on April 29th at Barramania IV.


– Dropkick Queen