Ask Billy #3

Ask Billy returns…sort of. A good few years ago I did a YouTube show for OSW Chat V called Ask Billy. Occasionally I’ll choose one and expand the answer once I’ve had a little more time to think about it…

You have the book to a new promotions that is in central Scotland. You have unlimited money to book talent, however you are limited to book only 5 people per one promotion in Scotland.

Who would you use for your first show and what would be the feuds and matches going forward?

Scorcher of a question. Unlimited money, central Scotland so that pretty much means I can book anyone. I’d want a mix of recognised names for a first show, get folk through the door so the first person I’d want on board is Grado. Easily the most recognisable name in wrestling in this country currently.

He’s be in the first main event, build the show towards that. I’ve put up match cards before so it could end up looking like that.

Next I’d want some really great promo guys, folk that will sell the show on social media plus would record a promo so three that would come to mind would be Lou King Sharp, Krieger and Lucha DS. Lucha DS would also grab more kids to come along as they love masked wrestlers.

I’d want a few women on the show so I’d have Viper, Kay Lee Ray and Sammii Jayne. Three of the best mixing it up. Would possibly have that as my first half main event.

For my first show I would rely on the recognised names so add Jack Jester and Joe Hendry in there.

Then I’d include some favourites, Kings of Catch, Scotty Swift, Just Uz, etc.

So that’s most of my talent sorted for the first show.

So I’d have six matches to introduce this company in this order:

Lou King Sharp & Krieger vs The Kings of Catch (Aspen Faith & Lewis Girvan)
Lucha DS vs Irving Garrett
Viper vs Sammii Jayne vs Kay Lee Ray


Just Uz (BT Gunn & Stevie Boy Xavier) vs Age of Orion (Michael Chase & Theo Doros)
Scotty Swift vs Jack Jester
Grado vs Joe Hendry

Which provides a good mix of wrestlers and the matches that they are capable off.

Unlimited money in mind I’d still want to run every second month from the same venue, at least to start with.

With the tag team matches I’d have the respective winners face at the second show.

No titles in the first two shows then introduce them in one night tournaments in the remaining shows for the year so I could bring in other teams like Polo Promotions, The Purge and Sterling Oil for the tag division for example.

I’d want the Lucha DS-Irving Garrett match to turn into a little three match series, Garrett would twist Lucha inside out but ultmately be underhanded in gaining victory. DS would catch Garrett with a quick victory in the second match then we’d have the rubber match on the third show, making it two out of three falls with falls including submission and falls count anywhere.

I’d have Sammii win over Viper and Kay Lee Ray, she’d be my cornerstone for the women’s wrestling of this company, bringing in outside talent from across the country to take her on.

Grado I’d maybe want every couple shows a year, not every one, let the rest of the talent bring the fans back and hold off Grado for special shows.

Jester, Swift and Hendry would be my main event guys with guys like Michael Chase, Lewis Girvan, Aspen Faith, Stevie Xavier and BT Gunn floating in and out. Bringing in names like Wolfgang, while he is still available and when possible.

I don’t know if that really answered your question as I floated off into my own little world there…

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