Review: PBW Academy Attack 5

I’ve delved back into the YouTube archives and travelled back to 2015 to Premier British Wrestling’s Academy Attacks 5 event which was on December 18th, 2015. Taking place in Coatbridge at All Saint’s Church.

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Lucha DS defeated Aaron Echo by Pinfall.

We were straight into the action with Aaron Echo taking on the fan favourite Lucha DS. DS tried to set up Echo for a 619 early but Echo using his size to overpower the Luchador and cutting off the attempted comebacks. Lucha DS rallied back with a nice handstand knee drop and a handspring volley, following up with a Vader Bomb for a two count. Echo hit a pumphandle sit out powerbomb for another close two before Lucha DS got Echo in position for a 619 and Swanton Bomb for the win.

A nice match to start the show, nothing too fancy and, bar the dropkick to set up the 619 being very airish, it was a fairly smooth bout.

Logan Smith & Owen Jakks defeated Darren Vice & Ray Berani by Pinfall.

Smith and Jakks took the early advantage grounding Berani before Vice came in like a house on fire but it wasn’t long before Jakks and Smith had him cut off from his side of the ring. Vice was punished with kicks and headlocks from both while goading Berani. Vice dodged an attempted double axe handle and made his way to Berani who fired into both Jakks and Smith. The match broke down as all four got into the ring. Berani missed a Phoenix Splash before running into a Codebreaker from Logan Smith and a headlock driver from Owen Jakks to wrap up the match.

Logan Smith looked very good in this one, confident and just enjoying playing the bad guy along with Owen Jakks who was a bit more understated. Not much to note about Vice and Berani, although Berani did get up high for the attempted Phoenix Splash which was impressive.

Donnie T, Krieger, Matt Tyson & TJ Rage defeated Hal Rayner, KT Ratchet, Tony Martyns & Tyler Jax by Pinfall.

The match started slow with TJ Rage kicking things off. After a breakdown with all eight men in the ring it picked up with Tony Martyns hitting some sweet deep arm drags and slingshotting himself over the top rope onto TJ Rage. Through chicanery Matt Tyson and Krieger got Martyns into their corner and Donnie T continued the assault, keeping him isolated from his teammates by tagging frequently. Krieger got a bit cocky and found himself on the receiving end of a roundhouse kick while Martyns tagged in KT Ratchet. The match broke down again as everyone took turns to get offence in. It ended with TJ Rage hitting Hal Rayner with a spear.

This went on for a long time, Krieger and TJ Rage looked great in this but that was about it. Hal Rayner, though popular in the room, stumbled about like a lost soul. Ratchet and Jax showed no personality while Tony Martyns did show talent which was good but again I wasn’t getting behind him. There wasn’t enough Matt Tyson to really form an opinion while Donnie T was also there.

John Trettan defeated Lou King Sharp by Pinfall.

In the first half main event, Sharp started by challenging kids in the crowd before finding himself backed into the corner by Trettan, feigning cheap shots. Trettan looked to finish it early from the top rope but Sharp shoved the referee into the ropes and Sharp jumped into it like a shark to blood. A three way low blow occurred which left Sharp, Trettan and referee Eddie Sideburns laying. Trettan laid in some quick strikes but was cracked with a Slick Kick for a two count. Sharp grabbed a chair but bounced it over the ropes into his face, a Superkick later and John Trettan won.

A simple, nice match. As expected Lou King Sharp brought the charisma and it’s easy to cheer whoever he’s facing when he’s being an absolute toerag. Nothing fancy in the match but solid stuff.

Emily Hayden & Tam ‘The Ram’ McGill defeated ‘The Beloved’ Krycek & Maria Castle by Pinfall.

Maria Castle overpowered Emily Hatden in the early going. Hayden dodged a corner splash before tagging in Tam. McGill and Krycek exchanged moves before a well placed knee from Castle saw Krycek take advantage. After Krycek had his turn, Castle tagged in to put the boots to McGill before letting Krycek return to the punishment. McGill caught Krycek with a big clotheslines to create space and tag in Emily Hayden as Castle also got tagged. Hayden looked to be going for a facebuster but was planted with a Samoan Drop for a two count. Krycek tagged in but saw a McGill big boot and Hayden pinned Krycek for the win.

Another solid match, some stuttering moments but some nice stuff from McGill and Hayden. Krycek and Castle worked in some double teaming, even if it didn’t always work.

Three Way – Craig Damian defeated Jonathan Richards and Taylor Bellando by Pinfall.

Our penultimate match of the evening, Richards and Damian formed an early alliance to punish Taylor Bellando before Richards tried to get the pinfall which Damian didn’t take too kindly too and the alliance was ended with Damian muscling Richards up for a vertical suplex. While that was going on Bellando was recovering booting Damian before firing up on Richards with shoulder tackles. Bellando looked to have it wrapped up with an rKo but was taken out but a Pedigree from Richards. Craig Damian stalked Richards, bludgeoned him with a handspring clothesline and finished the match with a 450 splash.

A slow start, the crowd took their time to get into the match. It was solid, nothing remarkable but nothing bad. Craig Damian’s handspring clothesline looked great and he just made contact on the 450 splash.

Dylan Angel & Kenny Williams defeated Prince Asad & Saqib Ali by Pinfall.

A quick start with Kenny Williams toying with Prince Asad before bring in Dylan Angel who flipped about causing all sorts of bother for Saqib Ali. Asad soon distracted Angel long enough for Ali to take advantage. Ali and Asad took turns wearing down Angel, cutting off his comebacks with relative ease. Angel finally got room to breath with a hard kick to the back of Asad’s head and tagged Kenny in who tore through Saqib Ali, ducky and diving and through kicks about. The match became a shmoz with moves flying in and near falls. Kenny hit Saqib with a Superkick to finish the match.

There was an awful lot of miscommunication towards the end with a very stop start moment between Dylan Angel and Prince Asad. Solid but stumbling. When Kenny Williams was in the ring it was smooth sailing.

Overall a good show, nothing that makes you go wow but as far as a trainee show goes there was plenty of promise. Of course that was over two years ago now and many have gone onto be featured on main PBW shows and have expanded to the likes of ICW and even World of Sport Wrestling and 5 Star Wrestling on television.

Certainly an interesting watch, a show that can be revisited and you can tick off a who’s who of where are they now and what accomplishments they have gathered along the way.

You can watch the event yourself on YouTube below: