Wrestler Spotlight: Craig Anthony

Welcome to the Wrestler Spotlight. Today, we’re looking at 2018 Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament entrant Craig Anthony.

Photo credit Marion McGinn

Alias – Craig Anthony
Nicknames – “The Natural”
Companies Wrestled For – Source Wrestling, Wrestling Experience Scotland, All Star Wrestling, British Championship Wrestling, Premier British Wrestling, Reckless Intent Wrestling, Scottish Wrestling Alliance and Insane Championship Wrestling
Titles & Accomplishments –
1x SWA Tag Team Champion w/Kieran Kelly
Signature Moves – Shadow Moses (Double Inside-Leg Hook Michinoku Driver), Death by Natural Cause (Diving Corkscrew Senton)
Alliances – I-Gen w/Kieran Kelly & David Devlin, S1 Jobs w/The Underdogs (Kieran Kelly & Scott McManus)
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