Five Picks To Face Kieran Kelly For The Scottish X Championship

Last night Scottish Wrestling Alliance put up the following on Facebook:

“Kieran Kelly has issued a challenge to any wrestler in any promotion for his SWA Scottish X Championship, he wants to make this the most defended title in Scotland! If you want Kieran on a show near you defending his belt then get in touch!”

The former Scottish Junior Heavyweight Championship has had a rebrand and a renewed focus with the youngster Kelly proudly holding the gold. A touring championship is a fantastic idea, heralding back to the glory days of the NWA when the champion would appear everywhere to defend the title. So with that in mind, lets put forward five suggested opponents at specific promotions to get this started!

1. Damien | WrestleZone

Damien is getting some traction following his inclusion in The Drew Galloway Invitational, a 10 year veteran with plenty left in the tank. These two haven’t faced each other but there would be a good clash between a wrestler and a brawler. Damien is currently embroiled in a feud with Richard R. Russell and Sterling Oil so a near future match in WrestleZone may be marred with interference but it would still be a great match. Both have had experience facing former WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate, something that has seen both influenced and lead to adapting their style since.

2. Kenny Williams | Pro Wrestling Elite

‘The Lucky Wan’ Kenny Williams is one of the top wrestlers in the country. Producing great performances wherever he goes, after winning the PWE Elite Rumble he looks to be on a collision course with the PWE Heavyweight Champion Joe Hendry but is never one to shy away from a challenge. Williams has picked up titles in PBW, ICW and BCW in Scotland but never anything in the SWA. Would be a feather in the cap for sure.

3. Aspen Faith | Discovery Wrestling

Of course Aspen is in this list, just not in the promotion you may have first expected. The Discovery Wrestling Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational 2017 winner may’ve just missed out on the Y Division Championship in Discovery recently but he is destined to hold gold in Edinburgh. Kelly made a brief appearance in Discovery at The Disco Derby so has dipped his toes into the Edinburgh promotion, Aspen has been a focal point since his alliance formed with Lewis Girvan and would provide a classic tussle over the gold.

4. Theo Doros | Reckless Intent Wrestling

‘The Superior Cypriot’ has been popping up all over the place out of his home promotion Reckless Intent Wrestling including matches in Discovery Wrestling and ICW. Doros has impressed many, so much so that he was handpicked for The Drew Galloway Invitational as a wildcard entrant. The former RI Slam Champion has got a lot of positive attributes and squaring up to someone just as young and hungry could make for war over the Scottish X Championship.

5. BT Gunn | Rock N Wrestle

BT Gunn is one of the most popular wrestlers in the country, he’s held titles just about everywhere, even in SWA as a former NWA Scottish Champion way back in 2009. In Rock N Wrestle the crowd goes unglued whenever Gunn is in the ring, so Kelly would be walking into Gunn’s Highland residence to do battle. One of the best against one of the most promising young talents in the country. Sounds good doesn’t it?

So there’s five suggestions for matches across the country. Who do you want to see Kieran Kelly face and where?