2018 Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament: Night Two Bracket Breakdown

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Night one of the 2018 Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament allowed some of the finest up and coming stars from around Scotland to showcase what they’ve got to offer. With the first round now behind us, let’s take a look at what went down and what night two has to offer!

In results from the first night of this year’s tournament;

Jack Dillon def. Aaron Echo by Pinfall
Kyle Khaos def. Ace Anderson by Pinfall
Grant McIvor def. Jesse Santana by Pinfall
Thatcher Wright def. Theo Doros by Pinfall
Damien def. Soldato by Pinfall
Austin Osiris def. Kai Williams-King by DQ
Prince Asad def. Jason Reed by Pinfall
Irving Garrett def. Craig Anthony by Pinfall

Following last night’s show, the quarterfinal matches have been revealed. Let’s have a look at them, and see who will be our final four!


Irving Garrett (GPWA) vs Grant McIvor (Source Wrestling School)

“The Bone Collector” Irving Garrett put away “The Natural” Craig Anthony with one of his many submission holds, and now finds himself across the ring from another Source Wrestling School representative. “The Gazelle” Grant McIvor defeated PBW Academy’s Jesse Santana in one of the more unique matches in the tournament. One of the favourites to win the tournament, Irving will look to utilise his holds once again and move one step closer to being crowned the Drew Galloway Invitational Tournament winner.
Prediction – Irving Garrett


Kyle Khaos (GPWA) vs Prince Asad (PBW Academy)

GPWA original Kyle Khaos eliminated Ace Anderson in the first round, while Ace’s fellow PBW Academy graduate Prince Asad pinned W3L wildcard entry Jason Reed following a huge superkick. Since his days in The Rich Kids with another of the quarterfinalists in Austin Osiris, Kyle has developed a new darker character. Meanwhile, Asad has been getting a handful of bookings in new promotions, most recently with a main roster debut in WrestleZone. One match to keep your eyes locked on.
Prediction – Prince Asad


Austin Osiris (GPWA) vs Damien (Wildcard)

Austin Osiris didn’t really have to do much in order to advance, as Kai Williams-King low blowed him in full view of the referee. Damien however put in a hell of an effort against Soldato, with GPWA’s resident luchador kicking out right on the count of three. Nevertheless, The Revolutionary advanced. These two have been going back and forth on Twitter, with Osiris poking fun at Damien for never getting a big break in the 10 years he’s been going. Wonder who’ll be the one laughing later tonight…
Prediction – Damien


Thatcher Wright (GPWA) vs Jack Dillon (GPWA)

The final quarterfinal will ensure at least one GPWA representative is in the final four as Thatcher Wright faces Jack Dillon. Thatcher defeated Reckless Intent’s Theo Doros after smacking him across the head with his Margaret Thatcher biopic, whereas Jack pinned last year’s winner Aaron Echo in a rematch from last year’s first round. Wright has been given the biggest platform to date to deliver his manifesto about his love for Margaret. Perhaps he’ll go to dastardly measures to advance once again.
Prediction – Thatcher Wright

While we wait for night two to get underway, why not vote in the SWN final eight poll? You can do so here!