Adam’s Top 10…Dream Opponents For Daniel Bryan

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It’s been nearly two months since Daniel Bryan was cleared for in-ring competition. Known for putting on match of the year contenders with just about anyone, some obvious dream matches for The Yes Man would be against the likes of Shinsuke Nakamura and Kenny Omega (if he were to leave WWE). But to keep it topical for the site, here’s 10 Scottish names I’d like to see face one of the best in the world today!

10. Wolfgang

Wolfgang has been making a name for himself up and down the UK as one of the best all-round athletes in the world. He can mix it up with other heavy hitters like WALTER or he can be going against smaller guys like Tyler Bate. Likewise, Daniel Bryan also does a bit of everything (although I’m not sure if he’ll still be busting out the diving headbutt). With Wolfgang’s connections to WWE through his participation in last year’s United Kingdom Championship Tournament, this is a match that shouldn’t be ruled out quite yet.

9. Kenny Williams

Kenny Williams is another man who has a similar style to Daniel Bryan. He can perform phenomenal dives through the air but he also won’t shy away from taking a match to the mat. The Bollocks made an appearance on an episode of Raw last year as a security guard, meaning WWE must have their eye on him. Can just imagine the quality of a match these two would put on.

8. Damien

Every time Damien appears on a list like this, he’s a name that sticks out as a surprise. Unless you’re familiar with his work, The Revolutionary may seem an odd choice to put on a top 10, especially when thinking about some of the other guys that could’ve been included. However, Damien really catches your eye as a bit of an underdog, much like Bryan. The former Undisputed WrestleZone Champion puts plenty of emotion into his matches and promos, again similar to Daniel. This is a match I’d like to see for the promos alone!

7. Joe Coffey

Black Coffey vs Knee Plus. No Mercy vs YES! Lock. The Iron Man vs The Yes Man. Just imagine the technical masterpiece this match would be. Joe Coffey is known to be one of the best wrestlers in the UK, and maybe the entire world. There’s rumours going around that he’s been signed to one of those UK contracts so again, it’s another one that’s possible.

6. Lionheart

Lionheart is a man that says whatever he wants to say and if anyone has a problem with him, then he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. Having suffered a severe neck injury himself a few years ago, The Dugfather knows how much work it takes to get back in the ring. Both men are absolutely terrific on the mic and even better in the ring.

5. Joe Hendry

Joe Hendry is absolutely on fire at the moment. Since becoming prestigious early last year, he’s really amped up his in-ring work as well as his character work. Whenever the air raid siren comes over the PA system, boos fill the venue. Having recently returned from competing in this year’s Commonwealth Games, I wouldn’t say it’s a definite no for this match to happen down the line. Imagine Joe would create a custom entrance song for the match.

4. Stevie Boy

Stevie Boy is on top of the world right now, being the leader of The Filthy Generation and the reigning ICW World Heavyweight Champion. We’ve seen that Stevie can work any style of wrestling, be it technical, hard-hitting or high flying, much like Daniel Bryan. The King of Insanity could put together some magic with Bryan.

3. BT Gunn

BT Gunn really stepped up his game throughout 2017. Although he’s long been recognised as one of the best in the UK, The Oddity showed everyone exactly why that’s the case. After becoming the first ever ICW Triple Crown Champion and Undisputed ICW Champion, Gunn is perhaps being considered for a place in next month’s WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament. One step closer to getting in contact with Daniel Bryan…

2. Aspen Faith

Aspen Faith is called The King of Catch for a reason; he’s quite good at the wrestling. With more and more companies around the UK booking Faith, the future couldn’t be looking any brighter for the man formerly known as The Hippie Horror. We’ve been treated to Faith tangling with another great technical wrestler in Lewis Girvan, so we could imagine what would happen if he stepped in the ring against a man the calibre of Daniel Bryan.

1. Lewis Girvan

Writes itself really. The best technical wrestler from WWE against the, in my opinion, best technical wrestler in Scotland. Lewis Girvan has built up a reputation for himself as one of the best stars to be produced from this country with an impressive list of accolades. Maybe not as much as Daniel Bryan, but can you imagine the unique reversals these two would have for each other.

If you want some dream opponents from WWE, check out this video from Adam, Ross and Sam of Cultaholic, as they discuss who they’d like to see facing the former Smackdown General Manager;

Who would you like to see face Daniel Bryan, whether in WWE or elsewhere?